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Trinity Property Inspection Newsletter
Your one stop for Home and EIFS/Stucco Inspections
April 2009

Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection from

Sellers can speed their home inspection by following these suggestions. The inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing.
1. Confirm that water, electric and gas service are on, with gas pilot lights burning.
2. Ensure pets won’t hinder the inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from premises or secured outside. Tell your agent about any pets at home.
3. Replace burned out bulbs to avoid a “Light is inoperable” report that may suggest an electrical problem.
4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace dead batteries.
5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters. They should fit securely.
6. Remove stored items, debris and wood from foundation. These may be cited as “conducive conditions” for termites.
7. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service panels, water heaters, attics and crawl spaces.
8. Unlock areas the inspector must access – attic doors or hatches, electric service panels, closets, fence gates and crawl spaces.
9. Trim tree limbs to 10′ from the roof and shrubs from the house to allow access.
10. Attend to broken or missing items like doorknobs, locks and latches; window panes, screens and locks; gutters, downspouts and chimney caps.
Checking these areas before your home inspection is an investment in selling your property. Your real estate agent will thank you!

Deferred maintenance is the biggest problem that I encounter daily during Home Inspections and EIFS/Stucco Inspections. My Ten Tips include:
1. Cleaning and repairing gutter systems–full and plugged gutter systems actually can cause considerable damage to a house.
2. Trimming shrubbery and trees– 2 feet to 10 is great but the primary consideration is so that the trees and shrubbery do not hit the house when the wind blows.
3. Repairing faucets, toilets and miscellaneous water leaks
4. Repairing and painting exterior wood trim–an aggravating job but somebody has to do it.
5. Removing oil slicks from garages
6. Cleaning humidifiers and replacing the filter
7. Removing debris from crawlspaces, garages and yards
8. Replacing burnt out light bulbs
9. Replacing missing window screens
10. Replacing broken or missing electrical outlet cover plates–this is a safety concern too!
A thought for the day.

Extremists think “communication” means agreeing with them.

Leo Rosten
The goal of Trinity Property Inspection is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision concerning their new home purchase. All deficiencies are placed in perspective with a recommended corrective action. It is recommended that homeowners keep their inspection report and use it as a guide for maintaining their home.

I perform both Home and EIFS/Stucco Inspections. Why wait for your home inspector to refer you to a stucco inspector when you can get both at the same time. When I book a combined home and EIFS/Stucco inspection I discount the price. There is some degree of overlap between the two inspections and I am already there!

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