If You Could Buy a Home with Confidence, Experience and Power; Wouldn’t You?

Why wouldn’t you head out into the complex market of home shopping with confidence?
Armed with knowledge to make decision making easy
Armed with support to lean on when things get tough
Armed with resources that can get the answers you need to know

Why wouldn’t you demand experience from your real estate professional?
Someone who knows the community
Someone who knows the politics of the transaction
Someone who knows how to close the deal

Why wouldn’t you negotiate your home purchase from a position of power?
Positioning yourself as the “best” buyer, not just a buyer
Positioning yourself as the most knowledgeable buyer, not just a buyer
Positioning yourself as the most well armed buyer, not just a buyer

I ask myself these things every day. How well do you know your Realtor? Is your Realtor working for you? Is your Realtor working for the transaction? Do you know the difference? Any idea what your Realtor’s credit score is? Is their leased car affecting their motivation with this transaction? Is your Realtor financially fit? Do you know how to lean into your Realtor’s Intellectual Capital? Were you personally referred to your Realtor, or was your Realtor someone you stumbled across?

You have to ask yourself these questions and more. The home purchase decision will affect you and/or your family for many years to come. The residential transaction is not like buying yourself out of a car lease or paying off a car loan, a home purchase represents shelter, security and an investment that is typically the largest transaction you’ll ever make. The appropriate decisions on the front end will routinely make or break your transaction success on the back end.

Those decisions should include thorough interviews with any Realtor that may be potentially employed in your home buying expedition. Ask the Question! “There is no dumb question!”

Where do you live? Why do you live there? Do you specialize in one community? What geographical area are you comfortable assisting with my search? What percentage of your business is with buyers? What percentage of your business is with listings? Are you married, divorced, widowed? Do you have kids? Where do your parents live? How long have you been in the Metro Area? How many transactions do you complete each year? Are you a full time Realtor? Do you rely on income from another job? What are your hobbies? Where do your kids go to school? What do you like best about being a Realtor? What do you like best about your Real Estate Company? And, of course, what do you like least????

Armed with this information, you will be comfortable with the knowledge necessary to make a good choice to support you through the transaction. Don’t make a hasty decision! Make an informed decision. It will pay off for years to come.

About Tom & Dee Cryer

Your Trusted Advisors in the Homeownership Business! TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com
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