Transit Alliance Citizens' AcademyDuring 2011 I attended, completed and graduated from the Transit Alliance’s Citizens’ Academy.  As stated by the Alliance:

“Metro Denver is emerging as THE learning laboratory for revitalizing our communities through the development of a multi-modal transportation infrastructure. NO ONE else in the nation is doing what we are here in Denver. Thanks to voter support of FasTracks in 2004, we will have more than 90 transit stations in the metro region by the end of this decade. FasTracks is the Denver metropolitan region’s most important public works project, and the area’s linchpin for regional livability and vitality far into the future.”

As a result, I have committed a portion of MyTownCryer to Transit Oriented Communities or TOC/TODs.  Over time, I will be adding all kinds of information related to this subject and the growth of the regional transportation system.  Light rail, bus and many other forms of transportation will be discussed on these pages and shared with you.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) is the designated Transportation Planning Region (TPR) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Denver region. It is DRCOG’s responsibility as an MPO to plan, program, and coordinate federal transportation funds. Click here to learn more about DRCOG’s roles and responsibilities.”

“The 2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan (2035 MVRTP)addresses the challenges and guides the development of a multimodal transportation system through the year 2035. It reflects a transportation system that closely interacts with the growth, development, and environmental elements of Metro Vision . The2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by the DRCOG Board in Dec. 2007 and last updated in Feb. 2011.”

The Conformity of the Fiscally Constrained 2035 Regional Transportation Plan with the State Implementation Plan for Air Quality addresses the air quality conformity of the 2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan.

The planning process for the Denver Regional Transportation District

So, follow along and enjoy the ride, as I learn, report and educate as a disciple of the Transit Alliance’s Citizens’ Academy.

Transit Alliance Citizens' Academy

Transit Alliance Citizens' Academy

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