First Half of 2012 in a Nutshell

Madison the Dog

The Cool of the Garden

2012 Rushed out out of the gate and never looked back.  It has kept me incredibly busy for which I am very thankful.  The kids, Dee and I and even our beloved friend Madison the Dog made the Cryer Family Happenings so far this year.

Everyone was home and had a chance to wish her well.  We talked about her love of apples, being a sentinel for our block, barking at the doorbell, running with the coyotes and sneaking upstairs.  The best dog ever…

After 13 1/2 years of loyal friendship and unconditional love Madison passed on.  Valentines Day was her day to say goodbye.

Caroline‘s Foot Surgery

Caroline had foot surgery again.  The boot, the trips to the doctor, the abbreviated ski season and the physical therapy…

Her prospects for complete recovery are good, but the term of rehabilitation is much too slow for her.  She’s developed into quite a swimmer and cyclist while wading through her PT.  She’s better, and it will continue to get even better.  Life happens.

The Blizzard of 2012

The Blizzard of 2012

We had a huge late winter snow storm.  It kept snowing and snowing and snowing and when it was finished, we had collected more than two feet at our house and even more around the city and foothills.  My snow blower finally gave up toward the end of it all.

Along came St. Patrick’s Day, and we had a little revelry.  The corn beef is always so good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2012

This year we had a little taste test of Irish Whiskeys.  You can’t say enough about the Irish.  It’s a day that stands alone on the calendar.  It’s a day the makes me happy!

Most of the kids were around too!  A good time was had by all.

But, a little snow storm never slowed us down.  Andrew had started his Rocky Mountain Ski Chair Companyin 2011, but he had a formal showing of his new design at Easter.  Lots of people checked out his designs and various sized chairs.  It was a perfect day for deck party.  Last year it snowed by the end of the day.

rocky mountain ski chairs from the slopes to your patio

rocky mountain ski chairs from the slopes to your patio

He sold out the same day, but he has more coming soon!  His unique design continues to improve into something very special.

As we moved into spring, we didn’t ski as much this year.  A winter drought was clearly evident, and conditions were just not as fun as usual.

As a result, thoughts turned toward home, and William stuck his neck out and became a home owner.  A small 1920 American Craftsman StyleBungalow has become a focal point of his life right now.  The excitement of making it is own has been very cathartic to watch.  He has very high standards.

Holding the Deed

Holding the Deed to My First Home

In my first house, it was paint carpet and go…  I’m afraid William is a little bit more detailed than I ever was at that age.  The most fun is the 900 square foot garage.  Here there will be many projects to follow!

Along the way, we had a setback or two, but you know, life goes on.  Life is for the living, and right now we are all alive and thriving.  As my old man used to say, “Thomas Cryer, never overlook the obvious…”.

And, I don’t.  My family is my most valuable resource.  It provides so much richness to my life.  At this time, it is hard to even imagine the families devastated by the murderer in Aurora.  I’ve so fortunate.

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