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EwSfrpYUTkafeIYUYOR+9A_thumb_18b7This week, Dee Cryer, Caroline Cryer and Andrew Cryer participated in the @Triple_Bypass_.  This was the 6th year in a row for Dee and Caroline.  This is not an event to take lightly.  Long, high altitude mountain passes, crazy weather, multitudes of other participants and needless to say the training that comes along with the plan…

Let’s see what happened this week in the Denver Residential Market.  Overall, a good week.  Certainly no sensations, but enough of a spark to still feel very positive about the market.

New Listing (1739) This is a nice increase over last week’s seasonal low.
Back On Market (288)
Price Increase (161)
Price Decrease (1779) Once again, too many listings starting out too high!
Under Contract (1443) Nothing special but a good week.
Withdrawn (194)
Leased (46)
Sold (1499) Being early in the month, this is very good week.
Expired (270)

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_18b6.jpg“Crossing the finish line with anything as strenuous as the “Triple” without a plan, is a plan for failure.  Not unlike the long and strenuous up hill grind of buying a home?  Maybe, maybe not.  Dee and I like to think we take the stress out of the home buying process.  Even still, Location, price range and condition play a huge part in just finding a home.  In the best of times, it is still be a harrowing process.

MjIQG8ZlRN+br8IB3hYngw_thumb_18b3If you are ready to make a plan, learn about Denver and find the right home, please don’t hesitate and give us a call.  Don’t ride alone!  Dee and Tom Cryer 303-773-3399. Thank you!

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5 of the hottest trends under the sun

Get inspired by these patios, sun rooms and solar panels.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=bea5ceb590bc4e2287a8e97da988ad80&_e=NGbT8udRoEMhCZpvIgYf5OscritUf4wWBz9zBzqoY3sDwiCuKFAzTaT30zRnjUtoLqpXRZY3kZGzQRy5mRGfwIX5KZ1_mA2k4LWXI5wZdjAh0HJILe43AobZg9jwZzIjTEBzLJkA_7BCriRB6EB4GdKOeRONBIQArI8kEKJynpvNPbu8CY0ltjJKbppv6Nb7

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853 S. Medea Way – Price Improvement

Social-Media-3511 (1)PRICE IMPROVEMENT.png


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#DenverMarketWatch #GoldMedal @MyTownCryer

Good Morning Everyone! 

We are back to work after a great holiday “long weekend”.  What happened over the last 7 or 8 days?  Let’s take a look below…

New Listing (1146) Showing the traditional 4th slowdown.
Back On Market (245)
Price Increase (109)
Price Decrease (1235) We have too many “over priced” listings.
Under Contract (1254) Once again, off a bit from earlier weeks with the 4th.
Withdrawn (162)
Leased (35)
Sold (1048) Nobody sets a closing for a holiday week!
Expired (215)

Neighbor FireworksSo, why is this a #GoldMedal week?  Simple, the 4th has historically been the beginning of the second half of the year.  Women’s Soccer clearly rung in a great finish to the first half of a Gold Medal year so far.  Rates are down, the market is up and the prospects for prosperity continue to be good.

When you bought you last house, did you check out your new neighbors?  We can help provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable in your new community.  A buyer gets to pick its neighborhood, property and neighbors.  So, if you are thinking about new “neighbors”, please give us a call, let’s create a plan and work toward your goals.

Dee & Tom 303-773-3399

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10 homes that deserve all the fireworks

Plus, other all-American escapes.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=ec8ce7690826441bbfb98363d105a230&_e=EWX71_GQLJxsp3yCPFVLXkYWT8Ij1PC2Bwxd2tZ3ZpttLtLaxQn8WU_l_dNIxqEgb1OI2xaA17vymN74nBCmB0j6D5yx4b6HBvzxtfBx9qYGJdZiOSjzpT6wmmVRb_MQOeyhPcqHrb70SsBAieTeeFZyDalXCxJJW2BnycAwuNQRKbn207hDKOIR6Le0f8yh

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#DenverMarketWatch @MyTownCryer #IndependenceDay

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1844We all know Independence Day is more than grilling hotdogs and consuming beer.  It was more than George Washington crossing a river.  Independence Day celebrates the birth of a sovereign nation.  That nation as we know it today has achieved greatness.  I think that goes without saying, but I like hearing it, over and over again.

The United States might not be perfect, but it does so many things so well.  We share more than any other nation on earth.  When in need, we are the “bread basket” to the world.  I could go on and on, but one thing stands out the most for me.  I have been to Washington DC many, many times.  It clearly displays our past and future along the National Mall, it attracts country representatives from all over the world.  It attracts every lobby group you can think of, and it tries to solve problems.  Here’s the kicker.  It moves so slowly, many times the problem being solved, solve itself in the meantime.  I’m a big believer in less human intervention is better.  We don’t seem to be very good at predicting our “unintended consequences” very well.

What does all this have to do with the #DenverMarketWatch?  The freedoms we enjoy, the stability of our country and the incentive to achieve allows 65% of our households to be homeowners.  About another 15-20% do not want to be homeowners or live in a community where it is cost prohibitive to be a homeowner.  Finally, there is a group of Americans being left behind.  Education, Demographics or Life Station acts as a barrier to homeownership.  I’ve written it before, and I’ll write it again now, “Homeownership is important.  Skin in the game makes communities stronger, safer, more productive and enjoyable.”  Vote for candidates supporting homeownership!

This week’s report, I’m happy to say, shows great strength again!  The MLS reports 1,841 closings in the last 7 days.  A lot of homeowners are going to be celebrating their moves over the Independence Day Holiday.  What better way to enjoy this weekend?

New Listing (1593) A great week of new inventory for buyers!
Back On Market (300)
Price Increase (159)
Price Decrease (1605) This is starting to be an issue for our market.  Over pricing is rampant and buyers are not sophisticated enough to mark market offers.
Under Contract (1621) A very strong week in the MLS system here!
Withdrawn (174)
Leased (51)
Sold (1841) This is a very strong number, very strong!
Expired (386)

In closing today, I’d like to discuss something that has been a focus of ours for many years.  We’ve all heard, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”  Haven’t we?  With our listings we focus on Statistics and Anecdotal Feedback Responses.  One without the other is not complete.  Relating statistics to showing feedback is instrumentally telling.  When we can show how many showings you’ve had to the number of page views you’ve had with the corroboration of the feedback, we can move forward with the appropriate game plan on pricing, staging and marketing.  It works every time.

Failure to plan is a plan for failure, please give us a call.  Remodeling, don’t do it without some market advise.  You may love your plan, but will the next buyer love it?  Sooner or later, everyone sells their home.  Good decisions pay off!

Dee and Tom Cryer TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com  303-773-3399

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Moving? Here’s how much it will cost

Tip: Budget for more than just pizza for your strongest friends.eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=d42c2ad770914fd79e228b00df8f03d4&_e=XZ2vfd87ctVyURj-aXGjFLkJ4T8GCxzmyVx4SQcB-CyuIk_8IzNciPWnrJm7hNkImOaY77qGCOKzH_5-DNzdguoYQdgqMIB1kIPVFJjFFe-soAknBIPtYEtx7SWJOwdLHlZuWsMymjvSyo2Ws8vVtdOAm68I80v_izubXaEPdPmY7yRGUKnv_oYMI0tX1cpx

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Denver Market Watch – MyTownCryer | June 2019

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More New Homes Hit the Denver Market in May
In May, there were 8,789 new listings, up 17 percent from the previous month. That meant homebuyers were able to look at several homes at a time and make comparisons – and many found what they were looking for. Read More >>
6 Things to Look For When Choosing a Neighborhood
When buying a new home, nothing is quite as important as choosing a neighborhood to live in. When you buy a home, you are buying more than just the building. You’re purchasing a lifestyle. Check out these 6 things you should be looking for when choosing a neighborhood to live in. Read More >>
7 Unique Colorado Roadside Attractions
There is endless natural beauty to be explored here in Colorado. But if you’re looking for some sightseeing a bit more nostalgic, odd, or off the beaten path, then you will want to add these Colorado roadside attractions to your summer bucket list! Read More >>
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7787 South Valentia Street – Willow Creek
7787 South Valentia Street, Centennial CO
Location, Location, Location! Purposely placed just 4 doors to the Willow Creek I Pool and Club House Trail. Everyone can come and go without ever crossing a street. As you know, Willow Creek’s Trail System and Greenbelts rival a PGA Golf Course. Amenities within and surrounding Willow Creek are Top Drawer. Park Meadows, Restaurants, Public Transit and more all within walking distance or a short, short drive. And, let’s not forget the Nationally recognized Cherry Creek Schools, State Parks, C…
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2391 South Sherman Street – Rosedale/Harvard Gulch
2391 South Sherman Street, Denver CO
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a charming bungalow located across the street from one of Denver’s hidden gems, Harvard Gulch Park. This oversized, corner lot faces south, providing fresh light through the updated Milgard windows. Enjoy your morning coffee or a lazy evening on the front porch. The updated kitchen is a dream for cooking at home with brand new fridge, dishwasher, & microwave. The induction cooktop will boil water on command and the soft close cabinetry will make…
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853 South Medea Way – Bonnie Brae
853 South Medea Way, Denver CO
A quintessential Bonnie Brae Tudor in pristine condition awaits you. As you walk up the flagstone steps, a welcoming patio for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening cocktails greets you. The original stone surround of the front door leads you into the best of both new & cherished, original features. The remodeled kitchen will entice you to cook at home with its top of the line stainless steel appliances. From the frameless cabinets with soft close doors & drawers to the Quartz coun…
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Work starts on $50M Gateway Crossing development. The project will feature a mix of restaurant, retail, grocery and medical space in approximately 20 buildings.

A new Wheat Ridge developement will be anchored by SCL Health facility. The 310-unit apartment building is planned at Clear Creek Crossing.

A high-rise community debuts in Golden Triangle. The luxury residences at the new Parq on Speer have all the amenities, from smart-home technologies to an indoor/outdoor dog park with a view.

Tom & Dee Cryer were instrumental to making our move across country easy as pie! They found a house in the neighborhood that we wanted in the price range we wanted. We are in love with our new home,, neighborhood and of course we are in love with Colorado! Thank you both!
-Jennifer F.
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#DenverMarketWatch @MyTownCryer #FalconHeavy

FalconHeavyGood Morning Everyone,

Not unlike a fancy SpaceX Rocket, this market is gaining more and more traction.  It has accelerated into a full seasonal swing.  The numbers look good and compound on everything we’ve seen over the last month.  This market is other worldly.  

Let’s take a close look at this week’s numbers!

New Listing (1549) A very nice week; strong seasonal activity.
Back On Market (311)
Price Increase (146)
Price Decrease (1554)  Sellers moving into the market; FOMO…?
Under Contract (1637) A very strong week.  Once again, strong seasonal activity!
Withdrawn (168)
Leased (77)
Sold (1317) This is a “tidy” number.  Not too high, not too low…
Expired (241)

Long story short, another very healthy week in the books as we move to close out June, 2019.  The next 45 days will be the “acid test” for the Denver Residential Market.  Let’s pay close attention and follow along into August.

But, what’s this have to do with #FalconHeavy?  Well, SpaceX is a crazy wild, successful disruptor dominated by “old guard” companies and NASA.  How did it break into an industry with closed doors; not even an open window.  Never underestimate #ElonMusk, and never underestimate what’s happening in your own industry.  Tomorrow there may be a disrupter just over your shoulder.

In Residential Real Estate, there are at least a half a dozen “instant” home buyer companies just waiting to make you an offer on your home.  These companies are not Realtors.  They are not looking out for your best interests.  They are only seeking profits from the consumers’ impatience.  BEWARE, BE INFORMED AND BE PATIENT; IT WILL PAY OFF!

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Where would you rather live?

(Answering this will be tougher than you think.)eo?_t=136d647b88304d6c827d39dbe797d50a&_m=57cecbaefde84a83af9a12cf86a9cec2&_e=d3caAabugmKuXBlblt22D7dIIdvOIiqIhlqnaNRFgHnAr5lFO-jSDmIyGUclnHzxgqTaLy5QyKSOGJHzvi0OmaghhJrnkno-oSdi7lH9vVUT4t8Dwy2i9-k-dM8-1i3PCEnmuJBpAzXfd1Basf-co9leFbtoncawOUUF9ksinLVRt-9XnwySwi8L_qwI1GWw

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