05/11/2021derful @MyTownCryer #DenverMarketWatch #Homeownership

“Make a list.” You’ve heard or read this somewhere before today. Today, I’m going to provide you with a list of all the things making #Homeownership special for me.

  • Homeownership puts you in the “game”.
  • Homeownership grounds you in community.
  • Homeownership provides a foundation for future financial security.
  • Homeownership puts you along side 60-65% of households in America.
  • Homeownership still has federal tax benefits.
  • Homeownership allows you to “make it your own”. Plant a Snow Crab!
  • Homeownership provides your family a sense of place.
  • Homeownership creates tradition.
  • Homeownership gives you a place for your children to bring their children for a visit.
  • Homeownership in Romania exceeds 96% of households! When something is taken away, getting it back is a celebration!
  • I bet you have a few more, let’s hear from you!!!

Now is the time to take a look at the last 7 days of “the chase” for homeownership in the Denver Market.

New Listing (973) Not much change from last week. Listings are not keeping up with demand! Now is the time to sell.
Coming Soon (286) This is a good sign. This number is not big, but it is up from last week.
Back On Market (144) Still low from the view of markets past.
Price Increase (265)
Price Decrease (234)
Pending (1725) This is a strong seasonal number. Buyers are finding or “settling” for the inventory available.
Withdrawn (120)
Leased (82)
Closed (1511) A relatively strong number in spite of everything this market faces.
Expired (98) This doesn’t happen very often…
Denver MLS Data Over the Last 7 Days.
May 11, 2021derful Snow Fall

Do you know why this month is called May?  It MAY snow, It MAY rain, It MAY be 80 degrees, It MAY be 10 degrees!

Well, there is snow on the ground this morning! Our Snow Crab is taking the brunt of its weight due to its blooming branches of fragrant spring love. Although I love this Snow Crab, Denver’s weather does wreak havoc on its beauty during most spring seasons.

As you have probably guessed, this week’s theme on homeownership goes beyond any list you can make. It doesn’t take into consideration the prom pictures, the soccer trophies, the Child Art or the spiritual love held within one’s home. Homeownership can be put into words, but words can never express the feelings associated within.

In this market, so many buyers are denied the chance due to inventory and demand imbalance. Here’s what we know. All markets can swing from one extreme to another quickly. Patience may be a virtue here. Let’s talk about it…tc

Supply vs. Demand
Supply vs. Demand
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05/04/2021derful @MyTownCryer #DenverMarketWatch

Can you believe it? It is already May! And, that’s my point this week; “Time knows no bounds”… Covid, the economy, taxes, human conditions, politics, weather, daylight, night, drought, flood, markets and more can’t stop time. As we follow along this week, once again, Denver’s Residential Market continues to not look back! Buying a house in the Denver Market does not allow a buyer to look back. Looking back only casts doubt. Looking forward, however, allows a buyer to have the hope of future wealth.

Hurrah Pass, UT
We are not living in Geologic Time…

As Elliot Eisenberg put it this week, “So far this earnings season, 87% of firms have beat analysts profit expectations, well above the normally inflated 65%. Moreover, the earnings beats have averaged 22.8%, crushing the 3.6% average since 1994. Why? Large firms have taken market share from failed small ones, and GDP is just 0.9% below its pre-pandemic peak while employment is still down by 8.5 million workers, suggesting large efficiency gains are hitting the bottom line”. Time knows no bounds…

Below, you will see the last 7 days in the 11 counties surrounding the Denver Metro MLS Market results.

New Listing (902) This is an improvement over the average, but still too low!
Coming Soon (217)
Back On Market (140) This is still remarkably low… Buyers are committed!
Price Increase (233)
Price Decrease (246)
Pending (1745) This is shows the reality of competition in this market!
Withdrawn (98)
Leased (78)
Closed (1840) WOW, this is a big number despite the lack of inventory!!!
Expired (240)
With fewer than 1,200 Detached SFR properties available in the Metro Area,
Denver Buyers are straining for more inventory, but inventory is slow in coming!

I believe this market still has “legs” to grow prices as long as we have these low rates. A 30 year fixed rate $1,000,000 mortgage at 3% is still just a little over $4,200/Month. Seems like a big monthly number, but at $500,000, it is less expensive than rent in this market.

Moving forward, watch rates, job growth and available inventory. These will forecast the future of Denver’s Residential Market.

Please never forget, we are here for you. We’ve been to battle, we’ve won and have many happy buyers and sellers in this high demand market. We can share our success with you too. Time knows no bounds, and it’s not waiting for you! Safe travels…tc’21

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04/20/2021derful #DenverMarketWatch @420

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today has nothing to do with Cannabis and everything to do with Cannabis. The legalization of Cannabis in 2014 sent Colorado down the path few states had traveled. It brought tax revenue, fear and joy all at once. Now 7 years later, it’s a story of “Figures don’t lie, but Liars figure”, to use a phrase from generations ago.

Photo by Michael Fischer on Pexels.com

The DEA will tell you it has increased gun related violence due to the “cash” nature of the business. Some city revenue observers will relish in the new source of revenue from taxation. No matter where you stand on this issue, the fact we have a serious cash business with no place to store its income is a serious problem. Who knew what #Bitcoin was for?

Anyway, let’s take a look at this week’s numbers. Once again, the last 7 days shows a drop in New Listings from last week’s report. At the same time, both Pending and Closed transactions are up!!! This can’t keep happening. The fight to get into a new listing on Friday evening or Saturday morning for just 15 minutes is having a psychologically negative impact on buyers. In this game, if you are not first, You Are Last! Let’s take a look…

New Listing (741) This is well of last week’s number over 900 new listings…
Coming Soon (227)
Back On Market (122)
Price Increase (293)
Price Decrease (241)
Pending (1927) This is a High Season number; the reason there is no inventory to be had.
Withdrawn (123)
Leased (80)
Closed (1466) This is a moderate seasonal number, but across all price ranges, we are just seeking about 10% come back on the market.
Expired (108)
MLS Data for the Last 7 Days 11 Counties Denver Metro

So, what’s the plan. Anecdotally, the plan right now is CASH. CASH is king. Or, can you find a way to to “look like cash”… AS a buyer, if you need a new loan, you have no way to look like an “A” Student to a seller, or do you? Starting out in the “B” Class is tough in this market! WE have had many successes in this environment. Let’s make you an “A” Student!

Let’s hop on line together and hash out a plan. It will not take long. We might even find a way for you to afford a home right here in Denver… TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com

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04/13/2021derful Denver Market Watch #NFT vs. #SFR

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gap-time.jpeg

Two things are true in this time of “adventure”, and I believe everyone would agree, this is a time of adventure. First, across all generations, buyers are in the market exploring Non-Fungible Tokens. Second, across all generations, buyers are in the market for Single Family Residences. Right now, our “buyer inventory” is fairly distributed between all demographics and household sizes. We are seeing buyers continue to lose to “Cash” offers. If you can make it look like “Cash” you’re in the game, if not, you better be able to GO HIGH with an “Appraisal Gap”.

Let’s look at this week’s MLS numbers...

New Listing (966) My goodness, growing every week! #KeepFingersCrossed
Coming Soon (207)
Back On Market (157)
Price Increase (307)
Price Decrease (227)
Pending (1787) An appropriate mid-season number, but it would be greater if we had more inventory for the voracious buyers in this market.
Withdrawn (87)
Leased (73)
Closed (1350) A nice number, but would be higher with more inventory. Buyers are still sitting on the sidelines.
Expired (122)
Denver’s MLS for the Last 7 Days

Here’s my point, if you don’t own a home, and you are buying #Bitcoin, is your portfolio in balance. Shouldn’t shelter come first? If you own Bitcoin, you’ve seen it’s dramatic run up; even today, with the prospects of INFLATION upon us, Bitcoin is up for more! I think $64,000 +/-. If you were in at $1,500, you might want to consider some shelter. “Sleeping in your car is so 2020.” (Believe it or not, Google returned 316,000,000 results on the subject!)

Anyway, as you can see, the new price paradigm in Denver’s Residential Market is bring sellers to the market. For the first time in recent memory, we have had consecutive weeks of strength from the number of New Active Listings on the market. I’ve even seen examples of something greater than 15 minute showing windows. I’m predicting a “normal” market by this time next year, 2022. Even the strongest market has to take pause and regroup!

In the end, however, whether you’re buying #NFTs or #SFRs, you deserve the best advice one can find. We’ll be here for you every step of the way, and we would be honored to be your trusted advisor. Don’t be afraid to ask about an Appraisal Gap…tc


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04/06/2021onderful Denver Market Watch #Wabi-Sabi

Every Tuesday Morning I try to post the weekly update from the Denver MLS System , and then link it to a metaphor having everything to nothing to do with #DenverRealEstate. As you can see above, this week is Wabi-Sabi. I picked this concept up from one of my coveted Overland Journals. After Googling, Wiki-ing and more, I have decided this concept is one of THE BEST metaphors ever for #HomeOwnership!

The concept written in #OverlandJournal goes like this, “Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect”. Does this frame #homeownership perfectly or what? Wiki’s quote is somewhat less human, but still the same idea, “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”… I know our house is all of the above!

Anyway, let’s take a look at the Denver MLS market report for the last 7 days.

New Listing (749) Once again, we are always running short of new inventory!
Coming Soon (267) This is about double from last week. Hope and a prayer this continues!!!
Back On Market (119)
Price Increase (351)
Price Decrease (246)
Pending (1545) This is a big mid-season number. Demand is clearly running ahead of Supply!
Withdrawn (105)
Leased (64)
Closed (1733) Wow, this is climbing every week, week in and week out…
Expired (363)
Denver Metrolist for the Last 7 Days for the Surrounding 11 Counties.

Let’s talk anecdotally this week. We placed one of our listings under contract after 45 showings and 12 written offers above list price. We fought for one of our buyers with a $425K listing. We went in over $430,000, but it was subsequently revealed to us the winning buyer went in $100K over list price and had a no contingency offer. No appraisal, no inspection, no nothing; this is very dangerous ice to tread on!!!

So, what’s the point of all this? No market lasts, no market is ever finished, and far and away, no market is perfect. Managing this constant ebb and flow is our job, our chosen profession and our honor. We don’t sell. We represent our buyers and sellers to the best of our abilities. It’s a balancing act of Wants, Needs and Budgets. In the end, representing an individual or family with their “priced possession” is a privilege not to be taken lightly and not to be ruched into.

We want to earn your trust too…tc

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03/30/2021derful Denver Market Watch #TheFuture

There is an expression, “Only Fools and Newcomers Predict the Future”. On the other hand, a song writer sang, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”. I kinda like the latter. The fact remains, before Covid (bc), the world was moving in the right direction. Just click here if you don’t believe me. I am generally an optimist myself. Science seems to always clear a safe path for the human condition.

Maybe this is the reason, so many of earth’s humans desire a permanent address. If you thought the US had the highest ratio of homeownership, you would be wrong. Just click here if you don’t believe me. If you don’t have time for that, it’s Romania. 96% Of Romanians are homeowners! And, the US? It’s way down the list at around 65%. This is not for the lack of trying to improve this ratio. There are programs for all types of buyers. If you want a house, you can get one, somewhere! In fact, there are a few midwest communities selling houses for $1.00. Yes, one dollar…

Where does this take us today? The scarcity of available homes has certainly become a limiting factor in the Denver Metro area of 11 counties with only 1,200 active listings, a roof over your head has become an effort of tremendous perseverance, persistence and patience. But, as Tom Petty sang, “…Waiting is the hardest part…”.

Let’s take a look at the MLS data over the last 7 days in the 11 counties making up the Denver Market. It’s pretty clear, a lack of inventory continues…

New Listing (812) Seasonally, this is way, way below historical standards.
Coming Soon (150) Come on, give us some hope here!!!
Back On Market (119)
Price Increase (289)
Price Decrease (244)
Pending (1613) Wow! Properties continue to sell before they get to the MLS…
Withdrawn (132)
Leased (63)
Closed (1375) Not a strong week, but with this level of inventory, what can we expect?
Expired (99)
The Last 7 days in Denver’s MLS

What can you do for yourself if you want to become a homeowner in Denver? If you don’t have CASH, you need CREDIT. If you need CREDIT to buy, you need GOOD CREDIT. This means the first thing you need to do to get in line for a new home is a financial plan giving you a pathway to EXCELLENT CREDIT.

Next, you need a MENTOR. I recommend your mentor be a seasoned REALTOR. This mentor will be able to assist with finding the right partner to get you on the path to good credit, a financial plan and a budget to get you in line.

Once you’re in line, the question becomes, “How do I get to the front of the line”. In this market, you just can’t get there on your own. It’s OK to lean on your mentors to move up.

So let’s TEAM up and go face to face to create a custom plan just for you. Here’s what our Clients are saying! We would be honored to be your trusted real estate advisor…tc

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Imagine all the people…tc

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03/23/2021derful Denver Market Watch #MainStreetBets

One of the busiest “handles” on Reddit is #WallStreetBets. It is the “chat room”, if you will, behind all the busy “retail” investing on Wall Street these days. It started me thinking, and it lead me to this piece.

Bullish on Homeownership
Bullish on Homeownership

Is the cheering we do as Realtors for the #MainStreetBets any different than the cheering done on Reddit on behalf of #WallStreetbets? This is a very curious notion.

Realtors spend #Millions to obtain a relatively small audience of followers. On the other hand, #WallStreetBets spends nothing, and it has millions and millions of followers.

It seems there is a disconnect here. A stock investment is typically a few hundred or a few thousand dollars at a time, but adding up to something substantial over time. While the purchase of a home can be the largest investment an individual or couple ever make. Plus, that home purchase is done “on margin” most of the time. Why are home buyers willing to risk it all, while securities investors take relatively little risk and consult with millions along the way? Because you can’t sleep in a stock portfolio…

In Denver’s Residential Real Estate Market, decisions have to be made in seconds, minutes or hours. There is seldom time anymore in our market for that “Let me sleep on it” notion. Someone else has already slept on it, and they have already submitted their offer. Funny how it all works.

Let’s take a look at the last 7 days of Denver’s MLS Data.

New Listing (760) Once again, we are not seeing enough inventory.
Coming Soon (200)
Back On Market (165)
Price Increase (279)
Price Decrease (220)
Pending (1586) This is an average mid-season number, but it would be higher with more available inventory!
Withdrawn (89)
Leased (70)
Closed (1337) This is a relatively similar number to weeks gone by. If there were more inventory, we would be seeing more closings.
Expired (133)
Denver’s MLS Over the Last 7 Days…

With all this said, are you #Bullish or #Bearish? If you don’t have an answer, you need to take an hour, pick up the phone and chat with Dee and myself. Get comfortable with this market, build a plan and exercise a strategy for success. There are a lot of potential buyers not succeeding because they have skipped this step. I’ve been quoted over and over again, “Zillow will break your heart”, and it will.

On your trip down #MainStreetBets, take it safe. Let us help you build a plan. Be secure with your investment. TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com

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03/14/2021derful Denver Market Watch #Snowmageddon #Snowpocalypse #Snowzilla

Monday Morning

It’s truly amazing, we live in the world we do. Snow fell over the weekend at our home. Not just snow, but almost 2 feet of snow. Monday morning, the snow shovelers showed up, the snow-plowers showed up, and of course, Dee loves to shovel snow and be outside, but I helped…

Long story short, because it snows in Centennial year in and year out, we have a system. The HOA handles the snow removal on our private streets, the gentleman handling my yard work in the summer, shovels our walks and driveway in the winter. We have a system is in place.

Extreme weather like this only arrives in Texas occasionally, and a snow system was clearly not in place. On the other hand, however, other parts of Texas have coastal barrier walls for the hurricanes making their way across the Gulf. Planning makes the difference.

Let’s start discussing your plan with what happened this week in the Denver MLS System.

New Listing (639)This is a ridiculously low number! We NEED listings!!!
Coming Soon (319)
Back On Market (104)
Price Increase (312)
Price Decrease (201)
Pending (1460) Another mid-season number in spite of #Snowmagedonn!
Withdrawn (110)
Leased (58)
Closed (1305) Really? This is another mid-season number. This market is hot, hot, hot!
Expired (131)
The Last 7 Days in Denver’s MLS

As you can see, as a buyer, going into this market without a plan is a plan for failure. Building a relationship with the listing broker, writing a coherent contract in a concise manner and making sure both buyer and seller’s needs are met is only part of the plan.

Is the lender responsive, does the property lend itself to the conditions being dropped on the seller’s behalf? And, the list goes on. Occupying a spot in the winner’s circle in a market like this is not an easy one. A TEAM effort is a requirement, and this is where we can help. Giving your home search structure, giving the seller confidence in your offer, and finally, owning the perseverance necessary to cross the finish line. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Don’t hesitate to call, email or message. TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com

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03/09/2021derful Denver Market Watch #Change #Predictions

As many of you already know, I have watched the stock markets closely for years. It is so much different than Denver’s Residential Market. Residential markets have “need” built into the equation. Shelter is part of the game. There is no need to invest in the “market”. One may “want” the returns available on Wall St., but no one “needs” to to invest.

#MainStreet vs. #WallSt

Supply vs. Demand
Supply vs. Demand

On the other hand, the purchase of a home is just that. It is shelter, security, lifestyle and geography. Oh yeah, it has direct contact with people. Buyers and Sellers bring their own unique Needs, Wants and Budget Constraints to the process. By adding people to the transaction, I would argue, the residential transaction is far more complicated and wrought with hurdles.

I could also argue, however, the residential market has some similarities to Wall St. Wall St. has the company of the month, flavor of the month and even the day. Residential markets have the neighborhood of the week, month and year too. Residential markets are very interest rate sensitive; as is Wall St. The 10 year note is followed by everyone involved in both markets. Who can borrow what, at what rate, and for how long? On either Street, life is complicated, and challenging. Keep your eyes on rates.

So, what happened in the Denver Metro Area this week? We’ve seen a big jump in New Listings. The 7 day moving average shown below actually bumped into 4 digits for a day or 2 over the last 7 days, but still settled in about 30% higher than last week. Finally, some good news for buyers. Just like life, the market finds a way….

New Listing (853) Over the last week, we are starting to see some give in the market.
Coming Soon (176) This does not serve the buyer well. This number needs to grow!!
Back On Market (143)
Price Increase (318)
Price Decrease (237)
Pending (1676) This is a mid-season number still showing incredible strength!
Withdrawn (111)
Leased (80)
Closed (1330) We are seeing a strong seasonal growth in closings each week.
Expired (139)
The Last 7 Days in Denver’s MLS

I am often caught saying, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”. To be down right honest, moving is a hassle, buying a home is intrusive and fighting for a place in this market is clearly intimidating. This is where we come into the process. We have been the trusted advisor to hundreds of buyers and sellers over the years in all types of markets. From Foreclosure Sales to Short Sales, from Over Supply to Short Supply and even in a good old fashioned balanced markets, we’ve been there every step of the way.

Your Backyard?

If it is your time to dip you toes into the residential pond, please reach out to us. Dee and I would love to make the process more comfortable for you and yours.

AND, if you would like to never miss one of these Tuesday Morning Masterpieces, please subscribe. I love writing these, and your subscriptions will give me the motivation to persevere…tc

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