03/28/2023 #FirstQuarter #ElonMusk #BirdWatching

Good Morning and Thank You!

That’s right! The #FirstQuarter is gone but not forgotten. Much has happened in our Real Estate Careers, but during our conversation the other day, we noted how much has happened in just the last 3 months. The #Fed, #FDIC, #InterestRates, #SoftLanding, #HardLanding, #HousingBubble, #NoBubble, #War, #Treaties, #StrangeBedFellows, #Weather, and who knows what I’ve left out, but I know, there are many more topics in our daily lives in this 1st Quarter. As Bob Dylan would sing and still sings,

And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard

And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall

What about #ElonMusk? He took over Twitter. He purged Twitter’s workforce, and he went into battle with his Warriors. I had no doubts about it. He’s a survivor, a leader and a troublemaker! And, who says parents don’t play a roll? ClickHere

“5 Months of Elon Musk Twitter Takeover!”


– reached 500 million + total active users – released new features in the shortest time period in Twitter’s history – became the most downloaded & #1 news app – improved ad relevance – removed child porn – more output with less staff – reduced bots, scams & hate speech – improved engagements for advertisers – exposed truth via Twitter files – removed censorship – all time high daily users – restored free speech – reduced child sexual exploitation – community notes debunking propaganda & misstatements – launched Twitter Blue globally – introduced verified badges for company accounts – creator monetization & Twitter payments in making – open source code for recommended tweets next week”




When the scripted is finally written, this guy is going to play prominently. #RewritingRuleBooks

Moving on, #BirdWatching? What does Bird Watching have to do with Real Estate? Now I’ve been out a couple of times explicitly to spot birds and evolve into a “Birder”. Here’s the analogy.

Birds pick the premium spots to do what birds do. They are experts at avoiding predators, homing near water and food. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some can fly at the speed of SuperMan, and some can float on the air for what seems like forever. They are as diverse as we the people. Does this sound like residential real estate and how we select our homes?

Some of us want to soar in a Hi-Rise, or set up out in the country or on a mountaintop. Some of us have unlimited resources, and the rest of us have a budget. Spread your wings; live a little…

This weeks, looks very similar to weeks past, and I’m betting weeks further into 2023.

New Listing (1016) We’ve started spring, and we are not being deluged with New Listings…
Coming Soon (183) No big change here either…
Back On Market (200) This number is actually a little better.
Price Increase (91)
Price Decrease (625) Sellers continue to come on the market with inappropriate pricing.
Pending (1320) This is a good number. Not great, but well ahead of the New Listing count.
Withdrawn (115)
Leased (81)
Closed (920) This has been a 2 week window with Spring Breaks. Typical for this number to be down a bit…
Expired (171)
MetroList Last 7 Days of Activity

Next up, a broad view of the Supply and Demand in the 11 counties making up the Denver SMSA

We have reached a level of Active Listings only achieved twice before in the last 10 years; in 2021 and 2022. We still have all the right statistical points of a “Seller’s” market. Every offer we have submitted for our buyers this year and every offer received on our Seller’s Listings has been in a multiple offer paradigm. This is not a time for buyers or sellers to be taking their eye off the ball.

Becoming an “A Student in the Front Row” takes time and effort. I you are not willing to be coached in the appropriate direction for every market segment, then most likely, you will be wasting your time in this market.

Lean in on our experiences. Take advantage of our resources. Never forget, we will be there for you after closing too!


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The Cryer Team eNews

Your monthly source for community and real estate news.

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St. Patrick’s Day

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03/14/2023 #HeSaidSheSaid #NoHashtags #It’sAGoodLife

Good Morning Everyone,

Sometimes, I sit down to pen this blog, and I haven’t given it a single thought all week. As I’m always thinking, I cannot tell a lie! I’ve thought about this more than enough over the last 7 days. The events of the last 7 days have been transformative.

Banks Failing will create a ruckus in Washington, and in the name of protecting US, there will be changes. They will be slight, but there will be changes. Wall Street continues its upward trend, and life goes on. The coverage of this/these event(s) by our “journalists” will all boil down to He Said, She Said. We will be confused. Overall, however, it is a good life!

Over last 7 days in Denver have looked like this.

New Listing (937) Not showing a growth in supply for the spring market.
Coming Soon (199) Some help here, but not enough!
Back On Market (206) It’s still looking like 20% of deals are falling and coming back.
Price Increase (137)
Price Decrease (666) This is still surprising me. I would expected Sellers and Brokers to have a better handle on appropriate pricing by now.
Pending (1300) Strong number here. Where are buyers finding these properties to buy.
Withdrawn (106)
Leased (78)
Closed (893) This is not an exciting number!
Expired (182)
Let’s do a little math here. Assuming New Listings, Coming Soon and Back on the Market represent the new inventory on the market, half of these listings need at least one price reduction prior to going Pending.

How does the inventory look over the last 10 years?

Over the last 5 years, it shows how 2022 and 2021 were simply anomalies of super low inventory. In 2019 at this time of year, there were 4,674 Active Listings, in 2020 there were 5,232, in 2021 there were only 2,398, but then 2022 caused a Buyer Rush with only 1,929 until rates jumped into this market in June of 2022.

What does all this mean. 2023 Is starting out with not enough inventory for buyers, but Interest Rates have taken some buyers out of the market or lowered their qualified price. Anecdotally, we are seeing our buyers having to compete with other buyers on almost every contract we submit.

Being the buyer with Full Credit Approval, Funds in Place and Reasonable Expectations can still put you in the Front Row. Don’t cut corners. Be the buyer that’s the A Student in the Front Row!

I thought this was important to share. This was given to me many years ago, and it just keeps coming back, over and over, and over again. Keeping up with the market psychology is something we should all be doing.

My guess right now is clearly past Euphoria. After that, I’ve seen almost every emotion on the downward curve for both buyers and sellers. With such a bifurcated market, Not Buyers’ and Not Sellers’, this market has a way to go before it can filter out some of the cloudiness. If I was to guess, we will see relief sooner rather than later…

As always, we are in the market everyday. We see the successes, we see the failures, we know what wins for buyers, and we know what a seller needs to do to get top dollar. Pick of the phone and call. We will be there for you every step of the way….tc

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03/07/2023 #DenverResidentialRealEstate #ListingsVsSales #What’sNext

Good Morning Denver!

Let’s dive right into it. The last 7 days’ activity has looked like this.

New Listing (1026) Less than last week, still too low for buyers.
Coming Soon (193) Up a little, but not holding out much hope for a spring supply.
Back On Market (230) A lot of contracts are not making it to closing!
Price Increase (151)
Price Decrease (668) Wow, Sellers and Listing Brokers are just not getting it!
Pending (1233) This is a nice number!
Withdrawn (104)
Leased (67)
Closed (1257) Sellers and Buyers finding their way to the closing table in spite of 6% +/- rates.
Expired (379)
It is clear to see we have some volatility out there.
Ragtes, Economic Uncertainty, and National/Global Events don’t seem to be causing much anxiety in this market.

Now, let’s look on the Metro Denver Supply Side.

Inventory has dropped off a rock. We are down almost 600 Active Listings from last week. BUYERS, even with elevated interest rates, are going to find it tough sledding with this supply and demand scenario.

As always, week in and week out, we are fielding questions from our clients, our referrals our friends and our neighbors. What is going on. Residential Real Estate is hyperlocal, even more so than I’ve ever seen. Check in with us for 5 Star advice.


Thank You…tc


Limited Lessening

Monetary policy works most quickly via the most interest rate sensitive sectors of the economy, autos and housing. However, for very different reasons, both sectors have successfully resisted the impact of higher rates. Car sales are rising as semiconductor supply improves, and while housing starts are way down, the number of units, both single-family and multifamily, under construction is staggeringly high, and thus construction employment has yet to decline. 

Econ70 – Home of GraphsandLaughs


Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D.




  1. Peak rate will be “higher than anticipated”
  2. Revisions show inflation “higher than expected”
  3. Minimal deflation in services
  4. Decisions to be made “by meeting”
  5. Inflation “to be bumpy”

A pivot from hawkish to more hawkish.

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02/28/2023 #NoAI #TrainTracks #SnowPack

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds you well. There will be no #AI this week, however, that was pretty easy last week. I would have changed a few things upon editing, but left it original for you…..

Living near#TrainTracks has inherent dangers. With the technology available to us, should know what’s going by? This is serious business affecting livelihoods, household wealth and individual health. This is an area where we have the Dept. of Transportation, and there isn’t even any public conversation. Just so you know, the big guys all own shares in Railroads. Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway, and more all own railroads or own shares in railroads. There are even at least 5 ETFs exclusively invested in railroads. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but do you surmise, this might be why we don’t have more regulation on our railroads? Things that make me say, “Hmmm?”

Colorado’s snowpack is tremendous this year. If this interests you, there is a nice website with a map here. It looks good, with only the far eastern plains and the Arkansas River Basin being the only two Zones with below average #SnowPack. But, for you, HERE IT IS…

As you can see, your favorite place to ski is well above average…

OK, what’s happening this week with Denver Residential Real Estate.

New Listing (1002) Finally over 1,000 so far this year. Spring is in the Air?
Coming Soon (176) Not much change here, but healthy.
Back On Market (215) Are 15-20% of our Pendings falling out? This is too high.
Price Increase (213)
Price Decrease (807) I’ve been harping on this for months. Sellers and their Brokers are just too optimistic, and the price reductions are ultimately reducing their sale prices.
Pending (1240) This is a strong number but not heroic in any way.
Withdrawn (129)
Leased (64)
Closed (1315) OK, Explain this to me. We just had a bunch of 3 day weekends/holidays, this number is really strong! Is this ultimately an indicator of Denver Metro’s Residential Market’s overall health in spite of rates twice as high as last year/
Expired (163)
It does not appear from this weekly data our FED has been able to adversely affect our market too much.

As far as INVENTORY goes in our Metro Area, it has fallen inline with years past except for 21 and 22.

For those of you who have called and asked questions about our market, thank you! We love sharing our anecdotal evidence with our clients, customers and friends. Take time to lean in on what we’ve learned. We’ll be here for you regardless of how rough the road becomes, but we are hoping for nothing but the best…!!!…tc

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The Cryer Team eNews

Your monthly source for community and real estate news.

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02/21/2023 #ChatAI #ChatGPT #AI #TopProducers #HomeOwnerShip

We can’t thank you enough. Our success is because of your trust in us, Thank You!…tc

“The #1 reason for home ownership is security and stability. Owning a home offers people financial security as well as a sense of safety and permanence. Homeownership allows individuals to build equity over time and have a place to call their own. Additionally, homeowners have the opportunity to customize their living space to meet their individual needs, budget, and lifestyle preferences. Homeowners can also enjoy a variety of tax advantages such as deductions for home mortgage interest, property taxes, and home improvements, allowing them to save more money and build wealth over time.”

“Denver’s residential housing market is very competitive and active, with homes in the area continually in high demand. The average home price is approximately $475,000, but prices in certain neighborhoods can go higher than $1 million. Depending on the neighborhood, property taxes can range from 0.6% to 1.5%. In some cases, there may be additional costs associated with homeownership such as HOA fees or Special Improvement Districts.
There are plenty of housing options to suit all different lifestyles and budgets, with everything from condos and townhomes, to single-family homes. A well-rounded city, Denver offers a mix of urban, suburban, and rural living, and has multiple diverse neighborhoods that each offers its own unique benefits. Many areas boast excellent schools, parks and recreational opportunities, cultural attractions, and plenty of job opportunities.
Overall, Denver remains an attractive place to call home and provides numerous benefits for homeowners and prospective buyers.”

Can you believe it? The first paragraph, I asked AI what the benefits of homeownership were? The second paragraph, I asked AI to explain Denver Residential Real Estate to me. Who knew? AI is only 3 seconds away from doing everyone’s homework…:)

Let’s tear into this week’s numbers. The Denver Metro Single Family Numbers look like this over the last 7 days. It’s called the weekly market watch.

New Listing (859) This is not going to help buyers in any way, shape, or form.
Coming Soon (160)
Back On Market (194) This is currently showing us, about 20% are coming back on the market. What are these Buyers and Sellers thinking?
Price Increase (101)
Price Decrease (644) Sellers need to be reminded of how important the correct list price positively impacts the entire transaction.
Pending (1111) Where are buyers finding the inventory to get a listing Pending?
Withdrawn (134)
Leased (76)
Closed (747) This number is better than last week, but still not representative of the number of Pending Listings.
Expired (251)
We had a Super Bowl 9 or 10 days ago. This does have an impact on resale activity. One report suggessted an 11% decline in Pending Listings Week-oever-Week.

Above, we have the history of Supply over the last 10 years. The shock of higher rates was immediate and hard on the market for a short time last summer, but our Single Family supply has pulled back in line with previous years.

I look forward to Month-over-Month numbers at the end of February, 2023. As we move deeper into 2023, we will learn so much more, but for the time being, possibly for the reason AI helped us with the text above, the dream of homeownership remains in tact. 65% Of US households live with ownership. Of the 35% Renting, 70% of those renters dream of homeownership someday. It’s good to know something so traditional still drives our society. (FYI, Russia has an 84% Homeownership Rate.)

In the meantime, remember, we can assist with all your residential needs locally, nationally and globally. Our reach is great. Please lean in on us…tc

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02/14/2023 #CompressionCycle #TheBuyers’Eyes #TheFed

Good Morning Everyone!

Let’s see if I can help you in from the cold. Brrrrr…

This week, I’m going to focus once again on our weekly SFR data set, but also, I’m going to give you some perspective on Supply and Demand, and I’m going to give you my take on where we are in this Market Cycle. So, let’s get started.

We can see a very similar data set to last week and the week before right here. Remember, History tends to repeat…

New Listing (771) In my mind, this is not enough. We are already in short supply, and “Selling Season” is still in front of us.
Coming Soon (165) This will help, but not nearly enough.
Back On Market (198) This is too high. Somebody is not doing their homework here. Why are Buyers and Sellers walking away from nearly 20% of Contracts?
Price Increase (90) This is a common practice when the property goes Pending for more than the original List Price.
Price Decrease (493) Why are Sellers having such a hard time starting at the right price. Price reductions only serve to hurt the Seller.
Pending (1144) Holy Moly! This is almost a “Selling Season” number. Demand Marches Onward!
Withdrawn (132)
Leased (75)
Closed (605) Buyers and Sellers found their way to the closing table, but not in the numbers, I would have expected based on the number of Pending Listings.
Expired (147) Not many Sellers giving up this week. Positive sign.
One year ago to the day, I wrote,
“Long story short, I learned there is no such thing as an Average Market, but there is an average”.

The Compression Cycle for Buyers and Sellers as I see it right now is with each wave of lower rates, more Buyers hop in the market. When rates pop up, Buyers tend to lay back a little, and we see that with Pendings. We saw a dip in rates, and Buyers went to work this week.

The Compression Cycle for Sellers is much more difficult to predict. The SFR Market for sellers is so varied. Sellers Move Up, Move Down, Leave Town and Transition. It is very difficult to predict where we are in the Seller’s Cycle. Here’s my bet. We see Sellers becoming Buyers in this move up market in large numbers. We see the “Silver Tsunami” causing all kinds of friction in this market. Nationwide, 11,000 people turn 65 years old every day. Move Down and Transitional residential choices are not extensive. Finally, most people leaving town are moving for Job or Family. “Let’s take our profit in Denver and move back to family (Lower Priced Market). Or, “This Job is a great opportunity, it’s a lower priced market, and we can drive to Family rather than having to fly.” I will keep you posted as the Cycles change, but for now, this is a pretty good example of what’s happening.

Finally, #TheFed, has given us some clarity. The Fed is no longer here to support “Wall Street”. The Fed will tighten until we have Disinflation. Basically, consumers/families/businesses will begin to stop buying. I believe this is where we are now. Prices have risen so fast, consumption dollars have stopped chasing and are looking to substitute and/or even do without. The Timeline of this process is never easy. Having lived through 1978-1986 as an adult, there will be some fallout. Give yourselves a 3-5 year time horizon if buying. If selling, there will not be a better time to sell in the next 3-5 years.

In closing this week, Here’s what our Active Listing Inventory looks like.

With January closing out with just 3,605 Active Listings, our Supply and Demand will not be as rabid at 2022 or 2021, but it will be just as strong as the previous 8 years, which were GREAT Sellers’ Markets in their own right. Take it for what it is. Denver Metro has Demand and Supply Characteristics which favor the Seller moving into the Spring Market.

OK, that’s a wrap. Please call. Let’s take the time to understand your wants and needs. We are seasoned professionals in this market, and that will serve in your favor. Thank You!

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02/07/2023 #SupplyandDemand #TestimonialTuesday #AndMore

Over the last 7 days in Denver’s MLS we’ve observed this.

New Listing (799) Not many, we are setting up for a spring of short supply.
Coming Soon (112)
Back On Market (215)
Price Increase (90)
Price Decrease (745) This is a trend since May, 2022. With “new” interest rates
Pending (1209) Wow, this is already like a spring market.
Withdrawn (119)
Leased (68)
Closed (757) Strong week equaling the new listings coming in…
Expired (392)
I can’t not see 2023 lining up to be another Seller friendly market this spring.

Now, let’s look at totals SFR inventory.

With only 3,488 total SFR Active Listings as of this morning, it is telling how fast the market/buyers have adapted to this new environment of higher long term interest rates.

From what we can see, we had a short spike of inventory in reaction to the spike in interest rates, but within 6 months, we’ve returned to a sellers’ side balance. My prediction for the spring 2023 SFR market in Denver is multiple offers, some bidding and price stability returning with areas of appreciation. Certainly, it appears already at $600K and below, everything is getting multiple offers.

Anecdotally, we just put two under contract one at $600K and one at $900K, and both listings had multiple offers where our buyers won. Let us show you how to win…

Yes, we would like to share our testimonial tree with you from 2022. Please take a look. We cherish our clients, and it melts our hearts when they compliment us…tc


 The Cryer Team

We have worked with Dee and Tom multiple times now, on both the seller’s and buyer’s side of transactions. I can’t speak highly enough about their shared commitment towards their clients, attention to detail, responsiveness, and transparency throughout the process. They are wonderful people to work with, and their extensive knowledge and experience working in the Denver area is a valuable resource in this competitive market. Thank you Dee and Tom!

  • Stephen U.

Dee and Tom were great! As a Real Estate agent who holds my license in Florida and understands the process it was a pleasure working with such professional and knowledgeable agents. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great agents.

  • Andrew G.

Very responsive, great attention to detail, organized and experienced.

  • Josh F.

We absolutely loved working with Dee and Tom Cryer. They truly get to know each and every one of their clients and work hard to get to know you and what you’re looking for in your “ideal” home. Unfortunately for us, we started our house hunt right as the market started to peak, but the Cryers kept patient and did not give up on us over our protracted search. They were so dedicated, helpful, resourceful, and kind – they not only helped us navigate this unprecedented housing market, but they taught us so much along the way. They are true advocates and champions for their buyers, and are very honest when a listing does not feel quite right. We never felt pushed by them or rushed into any decision – just listened to and supported. We feel very lucky to have found them, and now, our beautiful home! Get in touch – you’ll love working with the Cryers too 🙂

  • Emily C.

The Cryer Team (Dee and Tom) provided excellent insight, knowledge, and experience supporting the sale of our home. Before we placed our house on the market, we interviewed several brokers before selecting Dee and Tom to represent us. We used this approach to see the services offered by others since we had used The Cryer team to purchase the house we placed on the market. We weren’t let down with our decision to stay with a reliable, service oriented team to sell our house. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to stay with those that help us select our house and to sell it. Great job Cryer’s.

  • Darryl W.

We were extremely pleased with the wonderful help Dee and Kentwood gave us and are thrilled with buying just the type of house we were looking for.

  • Sharon H.

This is our 2nd time using Tom & Dee as a buyer’s agent and they are top notch. Excellent communication and good strategy in negotiating our purchase in a difficult market.

  • Scott H.

This is the fifth deal that I’ve done with TOM and Dee. They helped me purchase my dream home and they also helped me get 50,000 over ask for my current condo. They have far exceeded all expectations and I don’t know of a better duo. From my first deal years ago where I had no idea what I was doing to being a well educated consumer at this point, I owe it all to the both of them. They are so knowledgeable, so professional, and get the deal done. They are my realtors for life!

  • Christina A.

My Realtor gave me great information. Answered all my questions in ways that I could easily understand and available for any concerns I might have.She was really ahead of the game on information needed by me to make good decisions in the selling of my home. No problems whatsoever. The pictures of my home really were indicative of what a great family home it would be. I am very thankful Dee was my Realtor.

  • Mary Carol C.

“Tom and Dee were outstanding! Their experience and expertise were an immense help. We primarily worked with Dee after our initial meeting and her insight into what to look for and assessing value was amazing. Even more so was her diligent follow through on every detail regarding getting information from the seller and insuring every detail was handled correctly. Dee made a complicated process incredibly easy for us because of her tenacious and tireless efforts.”

  • Marcus C.

“Dee and Tom were extremely helpful and added tremendous value!”

  • Juan P.

“The Cryer team is a gem of a team in Kentwood. We were fortunate to have partnered with them in this journey. Dee has been extremely thorough, methodical and phenomenal buyers agent. She is extremely dependable and wins the customer trust with facts, focus, thought out process and intention. She reads and discusses very frequently making sure we are on the right path, leads us to the right path when sometimes buyers could be emotional and not logical. Brilliant experience. Makes the Realtors world a better place with agents like Dee & Tom for buyers/sellers. We need more of them to make a better impression to the realtor community.”

  • Anitha T.

“Dee & Tom are a dynamic duo! My family has used realtors to buy homes in five states. The Cryer Team were exceptional. Their attention to our style, interest, and needs made our search for a home while out of state and in a difficult market feel easy. The whole process was the most seamless, organized, and stress free house purchase we have made. Dee & Tom have a unique approach in helping a family find a home but their approach works. We are in love with our neighborhood and our house.”

  • Nicole

“Tom and Dee were by far the most professional, and overall best, realtor team we have experienced. They went above and beyond, were honest and accommodated us along the way. They made us feel like friends and were extremely welcoming knowing we were relocating to Denver.”

       –     John

“Dee and Tom are the best. Organized, efficient, knowledgable, hard working and dedicated to their clients.”

  • Lara M.

“Tom & Dee were amazing throughout our home buying process & as first time home buyers, their advice & expertise were critical in helping us feel comfortable. We ultimately found our perfect house & credit the Cryers with helping us get there!”

  •  Stephanie B.

“As first time homebuyers, we were in great hands working with the Cryer team. Dee Cryer was great every step of the way and we are extremely happy with the home and neighborhood we closed in this competitive market. 10 out of 10 experience.”

  •  Micheal B.

“Dee Cryer was a tremendous partner to work with in searching for, identifying, and purchasing a home. Will look forward to working with Dee again in the future! She’s great!!!!”

  •  Jim S.

“Outstanding attention to detail and guided us through the whole process from listing to closing. The marketing was so good, we listed the property on Friday and had an offer by the following Tuesday….. closed the sale 3 weeks later! Great advice and always available (7 days a week) for questions. They saved us a lot of money by recommending appropriate contractors to deal with the repairs required by the buyer. Thank goodness we had the Cryer team to keep the sale on track…. The buyers’ realtor was about as much use as a chocolate oven. I would have absolutely no hesitation using them again or recommending them to a friend or family member.”

  •  David H.

“Transactions for long distance, out-of-state home purchase went smoothly. Tom and Dee followed up promptly in answering questions and facilitating paperwork solely electronically.”

  • Rebecca C.

“The Cryer Team did an amazing job helping us through the process of buying our first home, and making it into an enjoyable process. They have incredible market expertise, were very good at listening to our needs, and were very patient throughout. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home in the Denver metro area.”

  • Stephen U.

“Tom and Dee Cryer were excellent with their advice, excellent at helping us set a price, and, in general, very helpful. We could not have had better real estate agents.”

  • Joanne R.

“Tom and Dee were great partners to me. I have already relocated to Hawaii and we managed this transaction like we were minutes apart. They were very professional and leaned in and helped me with every day tasks! I really appreciate them!”

  • Greg C.

“Tom and Dee Cryer are an exceptional team. They walked us through the process, coordinated our house search and subsequent contract/closing process. I appreciated their guidance and advocacy for us as buyers in a new state. I would recommend them to anyone and use them again.”

  • Nicole K.

“Worked with Tom and Dee Cryer and they were nothing short of spectacular. Very professional from start to finish. I’ll spare the long story and keep it short: If given the opportunity, work with The Cryer Team!”

  • Ryan W.

“We were in very capable hands during our home selling process. From beginning to end, the Cryers looked out for our best interests and listened to what we wanted. They supported us in making difficult decisions and were master negotiators. They helped position us to purchase our home in a very difficult sellers’ market and then helped us sell our home in an equally difficult buyers’ market. I can’t say enough good things- honest, highly competent, hands on, experienced team.”

  • Amy and Danny

“Dee was wonderful to work with, she’s very efficient, friendly, and qualified in what she does. She made things very easy for me. I enjoyed working with her.”

  • Pearl

“Tom and Dee Cryer are the best. If you are selling your home or looking to buy a new home, Tom and Dee are your answer. The Cryer’s are GOOD people, very knowledgeable, detailed oriented, driven, honest, communicative, charismatic, and professional. Their local market knowledge and experience are unparalleled. This clearly sets them apart from the competition however what impresses me most about the Cryer Team is their communication with their clients. Tom and Dee take the time to get to know their clients and what they are truly looking to accomplish before setting out to deliver for them. They communicate very well with their clients from start to finish and keep them well apprised. It’s evident that their clients feel very comfortable and supported throughout the process. As a team, Tom and Dee complement each other well and will ensure that the deal gets across the finish line in their client’s best interest. It’s not easy to transact real estate in this market and that is why you want the Cryer Team backing you throughout the process.”

  • John P.

“This is my 3rd transaction with Dee and Tom Cryer. They are top notch and truly experts in their field. Honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable beyond belief. I credit them for making me an informed consumer in real estate matters. Would recommend them to anyone. They are my realtors for life!!!”

  • Christina

“Our family, which includes 2-year-old twins and a 3-year-old, relocated to the Denver area from central Pennsylvania. To say the least it was a bit overwhelming; however, Dee and Tom were amazing to have on our side in a stressful time. Of the Cryer team, Dee was our main contact. She is tireless as a buyer advocate, a great listener and did a great job translating our list of wants/needs into a beautiful home in the Homestead development. It has excellent light, easy access to the community recreation areas, easy access to amenities and backs on to one of the greenways. If we ever by another home in the Denver area, we would definitely partner with the Cryer Team.”

  • Russ and Nevienne

“Dee & Tom were amazing. They thoroughly understood the market value of our home and did everything necessary to generate multiple, competitive offers for our home in a very short period of time. After contract, they did an excellent job of managing two very different personalities (my wife & I) through the entire process, over several hurdles and to the closing table on time. Thank you Dee & Tom!!”

  • David B.

“If you’re selling your property, this is the Power Duo you want on your team! They went the extra mile every step of the way, and their knowledge of the market is most impressive. Tom & Dee made the entire selling experience pleasant and professional. We would recommend them without reservation.”

-T. B.

“The Cryer Team was the perfect team for us! Due to their guidance, we had a contract on our home in less than 48 hours. Their expertise in corporate relocation was priceless.”

-D. G.

“Dee and Tom are a strong team. We were selling our fixer upper just as we hit a slow patch in the market. A buyer emerged but had multiple fix-up requests. Dee and Tom could not have been more helpful in negotiations with the buyer but also with fix-up sub-contractors. Consummate professionals. Follow Up Remarks: Barely a day goes by that I don’t feel relief that we were able to sell our GV house in such a challenging market. It would not have happened, especially all the final fix-ups, without your professional assistance. Your optimism and can-do attitude were also greatly appreciated. You’re the best!! “


“We wanted to thank you for all of your help and support throughout the home purchase process (Including risking life & limb for us). We are so grateful for everything you did for us and we loved working with the two of you. You really made a challenging situation much more enjoyable. You will have to come by soon to see the house! Thanks again!”


“Tom and Dee Cryer were exceptionally helpful and professional when buying a house. As a first time homebuyer, I had little to no understanding of the process when going into it. Both Tom and Dee made things very easy to understand, answered dozens and dozens of questions at all hours, and simplified the process immensely. I cannot recommend them enough.”


“Tom & Dee Cryer were instrumental to making our move across country easy as pie! They found a house in the neighborhood that we wanted in the price range we wanted. We are in love with our new home, neighborhood and of course we are in love with Colorado! Thank you both!”


“Dee and Tom were amazing to work with. They represent their clients so well and truly work for them. We were relocating to Denver from out of state and having them as partners was truly a benefit.”


“Dear Tom & Dee, We are so excited to have a home of our own to settle into and give our personal touches to. The neighbors are very friendly! We have been so thankful to see how God has been answering our prayers beginning with meeting you both. You have been terrific walking with us through this journey. We appreciate all you have done for us!”

-L & T K

“I couldn`t have been happier with the service I received from Tom and Dee Cryer. Their professionalism, extensive knowledge & connections are the reasons I was able to find my dream home! They both understand the market really well and use that knowledge to be proactive which is a must in today`s tough housing market. I highly recommend them.”

-F. U.

“This is the second property I have purchased with Tom, and his service is top notch. Having Dee as a part of the transaction was also a treat. My wife and I were both out of town for a majority of the transaction, but Tom and Dee were always available to take care of things, and they always looked after our best interest, even when we didn’t realize. Their knowledge of the southern metro area is excellent and we were never pressured into making a decision to get a sale done, even after two contracts fell through.”


“Going through the mail I came across your card. Seeing your card gave me time to reflect on the home selling experience in CO. The Cryer Team was extremely professional and throughout the entire process you kept me very well informed and for that I am truly appreciative. Once we moved you guys went the extra mile in making sure our home was presented in the best light by recommending your stager, arranging the maintenance following the buyers inspection and even leaning in to shovel the driveway a time or two. Jennifer, I am copying you because if anyone is looking for relocation broker services in CO, I would highly recommend Tom and Dee Cryer!”


“Tom and Dee Cryer were wonderful to work with! They gave many helpful tips to make our home attractive to buyers. They also gave helpful hints for keeping ourselves organized and stress free. They helped us arrive at an asking price that would sell our home quickly.”


“Tom and Dee helped us with the purchase of a home and later the sale of a home. After working with other agents in another state, I can’t say enough good things about the Cryers. They go over and beyond, are respectful about your wants and needs and in our case extremely patient! They both seem to love the Denver area and are knowledgeable about schools and neighborhoods. We felt very well taken care of and if it were an option we would use them for every buy and sell we ever have to make.”


“Hello Tom and Dee, Words cannot express how thankful the Wiley family is for your support and patience in working with us to find the home that meets our personality! It has truly been a journey and work in progress to see this project come true. The overall experience that you have provided us, along with your personal input has helped us to visualize that Colorado has just as much to offer us as the state of Maryland. At the end of the day, I can honestly say that Darryl, Gee, Darnell and myself will always be thankful for your warm greetings and the commitment to see us through this project with a positive outcome. You and your team have met our goals and then some—with the ongoing efforts and leadership to making our home search a reality. We are overjoyed with excitement and can’t wait to welcome family and friends to our new home. Thank you again for all the time that you have put into our search for the perfect home and area! Sincerely, Anita and Darryl”


“Good morning Tom and Dee, First, Happy Fathers Day to Tom. Hope you have a fun and relaxing day! Second but certainly not least, thank you for all your time and hard work helping us find our new property in Parker. As I write this I am having coffee (now that I found the box with the Keurig) and enjoying the beatiful views out of our back windows. While the process seemed endless at times, you both were always available for us whenever we called. You always kept a great positive attitude which helped me to keep pushing forward. And you never tried to sell me a house, but rather said we will find you the right house. I believe you have fulfilled that promise. The house is now beginning to look like a home as it fills up with our belongings. And third, thank you for your kind words and generous gift. We may head to Target today and pick up a few new things, maybe some nice new bath towels to dress up our bathrooms. Certainly there are numerous items we can use to make this house a home. Thanks again for all you have done. Have a great weekend! Cheers! Sincerely, Ken O”


“Many thanks to Tom and Dee for the great job getting the Centennial townhome marketed and sold. It’s hard to believe that in just three weeks, the property was listed, marketed and the sale closed for significantly more than I ever expected. I enjoyed working with them both. They had great knowledge of the market, proposed an effective marketing plan that didn’t include gimmicks, had a respectful relationship with other brokers, kept me informed along the way and paid great attention to the transaction details. I hope we have the opportunity to repeat the process on future transactions.”


“This was our first home purchase. Tom and Dee were wonderful throughout this whole process. Tom was very knowledgeable and explained everything in a language we could understand. He taught us a lot and we were so blessed to have him as our realtor. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Tom and Dee.”


“I used The Cryer Team to buy and sell my house in University Park. They were 100% focused on my long term happiness, fit in the neighborhood and the purchased property. Their network is very strong and was very useful throughout our time in Denver. I wish, I could use them everywhere that I move.”


“I bought a home and sold my home with the assistance of Tom and Dee. Thank you so much for keeping the sales on track and getting us to the final signing of the documents. It was a pleasure to work with the Cryer Team, and will do so again in the Denver area.”


“Dee and Tom Cryer are my hero’s. Recently, they held my hand through every question, form and activity that became a part of selling my home and purchasing a new home. My calls were answered immediately and the advice was always exactly what was needed. Their knowledge of real estate is unquestionable. Their demeanor is always professional along with their smiles and sense of humor. I felt everyone who worked with them during the sell and purchase processes had the greatest respect for their expertise. Without question I will recommend Tom and Dee to anyone who needs a realtor. They are simply the BEST. “


“I have worked with a number of realtors in the past but have never encountered realtors of the caliber of Tom and Dee Cryer. They helped us in so many ways from the initial listing of our home, through the search for a new home, and negotiation process of both homes. They focused our search for a new home which eliminated hours of potential time wasting. I recommend them most highly!”


“Tom and Dee are the perfect complements to each other. Together they provide excellent local knowledge and negotiation skills. We just bought our home in a very competitive market. We really wanted to stay close to family and didn’t want to overpay for the home we were buying. As we searched, our secondary priorities were a little fluid but Tom and Dee helped keep us on the right track. They let us direct the search, what to see and when – even showing us a few they knew we probably wouldn’t love, when we asked to see a property. They gave us great feedback as we decided what to offer and when. Dee was especially great at staying in communication with the listing agent(s) and keeping us informed throughout the process. Overall, Tom and Dee were easy and great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new home.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Tom and Dee Cryer. Consummate professionals, with a soft touch. I am a difficult person to deal with, yet they treated every demand and every search with such a positive experience that I was always felt relaxed. They checked every box. Tom and Dee will treat you with respect, but even more so like old college friends. They will watch out for you. They found us the right house, at the right price and made sure we were happy and relaxed, even through closing. Thank you Tom and Dee! You are a godsend!”


“Tom and Dee Cryer are a great team to help you find the right house. They go out of their way to make things right and to look out for you. They helped me close on my house in less than a month. I will use them again for my next house!”


“Tom and Dee are the ultimate real estate professionals. Their step by step process in selling our house was amazing. Even more amazing is the way they educate their clients and present options to them based on the scenarios at hand. Perhaps their best asset is that they truly care about their client’s best interest. This was evident during the sale if our home. With our experience with them, it is without reservation or hesitation that I recommend them for all your real estate needs. You will not regret it.”


“We found Tom’s knowledge of the market, specific neighborhoods and even specific models of homes to be unmatched. From the moment that we were contacted by Dee we had nothing but positive interactions that continued through the close of our home. Tom and Dee worked hard to fulfill our needs and work around a very tight schedule to find the right home and get it closed in a timely manner. I will recommend the Cryer Team to anyone that I come in contact with that is looking for an agent and am extremely grateful for their professional and impactful service.”


“Tom and Dee Cryer were indeed a superior team (man and wife)!! Their broad experience base complimented their boundless energy! Responsiveness, patience and wise advice were watchwords. And Kentwood was first class as was their closing agent.”


“Tom and Dee (the Cryer Team) are exceptional brokers. They helped my husband and I successfully purchase a home in CO from out of state, as we were in the process of making the transition from CA. They were informative about Denver and different neighborhoods we may like and they stayed on top of the market for us, doing a FaceTime showing of the house we ultimately bought within 2 hours of it being listed. The process from start to finish had a lot of challenges due to the sellers unethical and manipulative broker and Tom and Dee worked tirelessly and seriously went above and beyond in getting our house closed. I truly believe that had we had any other broker we wouldn’t have been able to close on our house because our purchase required a high level of expertise and attention to detail in order to keep on top of the sellers broker and hold him accountable. I would recommend Tom and Dee to my closest friends and family. We are so appreciative of their hard work, expertise, and professionalism. They are a great resource for all things Denver and are truly phenomenal brokers. We are excited about our move to Denver and are so happy that we have a HOME there now! Thank you Tom and Dee!! “


“Dee and Tom went above and beyond to make our home buying and relocation experience from California to Colorado enjoyable and as seamless as possible. They thoughtfully walked us step by step through the process and were very knowledgeable about the Denver Metro area. Dee and Tom helped us find a wonderful home within our budget in a seller’s market. They were very responsive to phone calls and emails. If they happened to miss a call, we would hear from them within an hour, even late in the evening. We were very impressed with how they watched out for our best interests and paid attention to the small details. This conscientiousness was very important to us. We appreciated their technological savviness and providing us access to additional research tools. In addition, they helped schedule/meet inspectors (even repairmen) when we could not be around and even offered to drive us to the airport despite their busy schedule. There is so much more we could say, but to sum it up we would 100% recommend Dee and Tom to any of our family and friends.”


“Agt Rating? Excellent Did Agt have good understanding? Yes Did Agt contact as instructed? Yes Any unexpected problems? Yes Would recommend us? Yes Additional Comments? Tom is the best realtor that I worked with, he was great, patient and well informed about the message. “


“Hi Tom and Dee. We just came in from a nice x-country ski on the Highline and Jim is on his way out to the barn, a nice glass of Old Zin in hand, to light a fire and smoke a cigar. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t say how lucky we are to live here! Thanks for finding us the most perfect house!”


“Tom and Dee Cryer are, in a single word, “exceptional.” If you are a buyer in the current Denver market, then you know the difficulty and challenges of finding a property. Integrity and follow-through are the cornerstone qualities that Tom and Dee exhibit in spades. Most Realtors will speak about representing your best interests, but only in Tom and Dee have I known that to actually be true. They are professional from start to finish. I can recommend no other–they are THE best!!!”


“”Tom is a master at navigating the complex real estate market. I sought his sage advice and enlisted him in multiple real estate transactions over the years and have been highly satisfied. I highly recommend Tom as an honest, ethical real estate agent that will help you navigate the real estate market to find that perfect home or investment.””


“”Working with Tom & Dee was a true pleasure. Being new to town they helped us understand the market, find the best house & location to fit our needs, and treated us like family through out the entire process. Shortly after moving to town Dee even offered to watch our 2 year old son while my wife went into labor with our second. You can’t beat that! A realtor team with superior market knowledge and a work ethic to match, I’d recommend the Cryer Team to anyone new to Denver or just looking for a change of scenery.” “


“Tom and Dee Cryer are the most awesome duo in the Denver market. They know the market and facilitate the buying process like true professionals.”


“Tom & Dee, Your thoughtfulness and friendship mean a lot to us. Hopefully we will be able to send some business your way. My coworkers and friends are impressed by how quickly our house sold, how you handled the builder’s quality problems, and by the great place we found. One of the vice presidents of my company wants to buy a place next spring (probably). He said he will certainly talk to you if he is still interested in buying. Thank you again for helping us find a place we are very excited about and persevering through the process!”


“Tom Cryer is knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. He’s been in the Denver area for decades and has a deep knowledge of the neighborhoods. He also has a keen eye for details within the houses and helped us process the good and bad with each of the properties. He’s a veteran realtor with tons of experience and couldn’t be nicer. Highly recommended!”


“Tom is an experienced professional. He can be your go-to for all types of questions and has a vast array of resources that only a long time professional can provide. He will help you find the best property based on your needs. I was very pleased with my process, my home, and what I learned from Tom along the way.”


“Tom was great to work with. We had a more unique property that we were looking for and he was able to help us negotiate and navigate the buying of that property. He was a wealth of knowledge with the rural property we were purchasing (septic system details, well systems, etc.). Tom also has the personality to get the job done, while maintaining a respectful relationship with the other parties involved. He was invaluable to us in this process. Thank you, Tom, for your insight, expertise, and help in getting our home purchased!”


“Tom and Dee helped us relocate from NY to Denver. They not only made us feel welcomed, their knowledge made our buying experience very positive. They worked tirelessly to help us find the right home for our family in a short period of time. We would recommend them for all your buying or selling needs.”


“Tom gave us great insight into the current market and how that would affect our home sale… and he was spot on correct. Tom showed great respect for our home during the sale and was available to assist with the showings if needed. Tom is a great person and was enjoyable to work with! “


“Tom was just wonderful. He has a very precise method for pricing properties and it worked beautifully for us. We sold our house in 4 days for the price that we wanted. He is very responsive to the needs of his clients. We can highly recommend Tom.”


“This was my first professional interaction with Tom Cryer as my real estate agent. After working with him, I will never look elsewhere for help buying or selling properties. He was incredibly professional and an absolute JOY to work with. On top of being very friendly and approachable, he always made time for us and made sure we were up to speed on every new detail. More importantly, he has many years of experience in real estate and it certainly shows. He knows the Denver area better than anyone I know and got us a very good price for the sale of our home. If you’re looking for someone with unparalleled expertise and professionalism, Tom has got to be your guy!” -GRANT S.

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