14ers.com Support for CFI

Subject: 14ers.com Support for CFI

Hi All,


14ers.com supports the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI), so I’m helping them get the word out about 2010 fund-raising. As a non-profit, the CFI is constantly trying to raise money for 14er trail restoration and education projects. This year Lloyd and the fine staff at CFI have come up with a “Fourteener Challenge” to help raise money for projects…



Take CFI’s “Fourteener Challenge” this Summer

Ever wonder how much it costs to build and maintain Fourteener summit trails, restore damaged alpine terrain and educate Fourteener hikers each year? When you add together money spent by the Forest Service, CFI and other partner organizations, the actual funding totals about $1 million per year. Add in the value of donated labor and it’s closer to $1.5 million. With an estimated 500,000 people climbing the peaks, that’s about $2 to $3 per person per day if everyone contributed.


Inspired by current CFI donors who contribute for every Fourteener they climb, CFI is kicking off the inaugural Fourteener Challenge to help fund our work on the peaks this summer. Our goal is to raise $25,000 between June 1 and September 30 from individual Fourteener climbers who rise to the challenge.


Here’s how the Fourteener Challenge works. Figure out how many Fourteeners you plan to climb between June 1 and September 30. Choose an amount you want to pledge for each of the peaks climbed. For example, if you plan to climb 10 Fourteeners this summer and want to pledge $20 per peak, your total pledge for the Fourteener Challenge will be $200. Increase your impact by getting friends, co-workers and family members to match your pledge.


Fewer than half the Fourteeners have properly constructed summit trails. Costs to delineate and construct a sustainably located summit trail can total $200,000 to $300,000 and take up to three years to complete. Even with roughly $1.5 million in combined value going to the peaks every year, much work remains to ensure all the Fourteeners have properly located and maintained summit routes. Your gift through the Fourteener Challenge will help expand CFI’s capacity to preserve and protect the Fourteeners.


To help inspire participants in the Fourteener Challenge, CFI will be giving away gear throughout the summer to people taking the challenge, including:

  • Tents and packs from REI
  • Long-sleeve CFI logo shirts from Mountain Hardwear
  • Autographed “Ski the Fourteeners” books by Chris Davenport
  • Fourteener-oriented packs from Osprey Packs
  • Women’s apparel from Patagonia
  • Autographed copies of Mark Obmascik’s award-winning “Halfway to Heaven” Fourteener book
  • National Geographic Maps/Trails Illustrated “Colorado 14ers” CD map sets
  • And more from the CFI goody vault!

Email your CFI Fourteener Challenge pledge to 14erChallenge@14ers.org. Tell us your pledge, why you’re participating and how the Fourteener Challenge is motivating you to give back to the peaks you love. We’ll highlight selected pledges on our website and in other Fourteener Challenge materials over the summer. Be bold. Be creative. Be generous. You’ll help CFI protect the Fourteeners and might end up with some really cool gear, too!



Have a great summer and thanks for reading,


Bill Middlebrook



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