Given the chance, to where would you travel?

Where would you travel?

Where would you travel?

I was driving along today.  I looked down at my dash, it registered 68 degrees.  I looked at a couple of exits and wondered where they could take me.  Before I knew it, I wondered where would I go?  Then I wondered, where would you go?  Skiing, camping, hiking, beaching, cruising, flying, climbing or where, where would you go?

Touchdown Jesus

Touchdown Jesus

Some of my most memorable trips have been the simplest.  That’s not to say some of the most elaborate trips have not been memorable.  Like the quote, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” rings true to me.  More often than not, it’s what happens along the way.

I remember the flat tire, the deadly dog leash and the canceled flight.  I remember the traffic or the lack there off.  I remember the meal at someone’s kitchen table.  I remember the linens in the luxury hotel, and I remember the stars sleeping out on the ground.

Fam at the Beach

Fam at the Beach

I love hearing the stories of others too.  Some are riotous, some are glorious and some are grueling.  More often these days, the stories in the news about truly egregious or catastrophic events that mar people travels seen on the TV news tend to freeze you in your tracks.  Imagine landing in the Hudson River while watching the New York City Skyline.

94 Disco in Moab

94 Disco in Moab

Given the chance, time and the epiphany of no more college tuition bills, I would like to see the top of the earth, the bottom of the earth, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and a list of Pacific and Atlantic Islands.  Given the chance, to where would you travel?

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