Centennial, Colorado Is Among The Best US Cities for First-time Home Buyers!

Let me tell you about living in Centennial, CO.

Let me tell you about living in Centennial, CO.

WalletHub conducts an in-depth analysis of 300 largest U.S. cities 

The City of Centennial ranks as the 8th best city for first-time home buyers in the country according to a recent study from WalletHub, the leading personal finance social network. To determine which housing markets most favor first-time home buyers, WalletHub assessed the affordability of homes, the conditions of the real estate market and community environment in the 300 largest U.S. cities. The in-depth analysis used 17 key metrics, ranging from median housing prices and real estate taxes compared to median home price appreciation and price-to-rent ratios. 

First-time home buying in Centennial (1=best)

•         4th – Property crime rate per capita 

•         6th – Median household annual income (adjusted for cost of living)

•         13th – Median home price appreciation 

Read the full report

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