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indianhillsYes; that’s right.  “It’s that time of year again.”  Will your turkey stand the test of time.  With all the uncertainties of preparing a turkey, is there really a “perfect turkey”?  There’s preparation; dressing in or dressing out?  There’s the timing; will everyone arrive on time keeping with the planned flow?  There’s temperature; to hot, dry.  Too slow, cold!  I almost forgot, fresh vs. frozen?  There are at least a dozen more variables to consider, right?

For those of you already in Denver’s Residential Market, you’ve already faced this type of decision matrix.  This neighborhood or that one, this style or that style, near this or that, old vs. new, ranch vs. 2-story, it doesn’t end!  Throughout our entire lives, the decision matrix is always one step ahead or one step behind.

Let’s look at one more area of our lives.  Mutual Funds vs. ETFs, Walmart or Amazon, Amazon or Alibaba, Microsoft or Google; yep, one step ahead or behind since day one.

Well Tom, how does all this relate to today’s report?  Some of you have asked me, is this data just Denver, or Denver Metro, or what I like to explore, the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area.  That’s why the numbers sometimes don’t match DMAR’s Numbers.  The point of these numbers are to consistently report from the same source over time to discover trends in the market and report back to you.

New Listing (1112)  Remember, we are coming into a holiday week.
Back On Market (240)
Price Increase (123)
Price Decrease (1201)  Sellers still want to get it done before year’s end.
Under Contract (1298)  Buyers are looking for deals!!!
Withdrawn (247)
Leased (38)
Sold (1241)  A good week, not a great week.
Expired (313)  In relation to the other numbers above, this is a big number for sellers just “giving up”.

Lionshead HeadsI would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you!  Dee and I have been very fortunate.  2018 Marked many firsts for us and many anniversaries too.  Our most important first was becoming Grandparents!  They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, this picture says it all!

Enjoy and Thank You!

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