Realtor Round Table 2009

The Kentwood Companies Announcement:

Our company and office had a great day at Denver Realtor Round Table 2009. Thanks to Gretchen Faber’s leadership we had the largest group ever recorded, a great meal, a motivational speaker and a well run presentation of awards.

Here is how we did:

Number 1 Individual was Dee Chirafisi with $44,000,000 in sales.

Broker Manager was given to John Fitzpatrick. His acceptance speech on a video presentation was hilarious .

Number 1 office for Volume 31-50 agents was our Kentwood DTC office with over +$400,000,000 in production.

Number 3 office volume 31-50 was Kentwood City Properties.

Number 3 office volume 50 plus was Kentwood at Cherry Creek.

We had four agents in the top ten for individual volume Dee Chirafisi,Sandy Weigand 2nd, Edie Marks 4th and Chuck Gargotto 5th.

There were two teams in the top ten for volume Bobbie Lou Miller and Jennifer Dechtman 8th, Kevin Garrett and Matt McNeill 9th.

Top Team Sides 2nd Kevin Garrett and Matt McNeill.

Top Project volume 2nd John Burns.

Top Project Sides 3rd John Burns.

Top Individual Sides 10th Dotson Skaggs.

And, Tom Cryer at the Silver Production Level.

All in all, a very fine day for the Kentwood Companies!!!

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