When Redheads are gone, no one will have Redheads

I have three kids; 18-23. We had a conversation over the Thanksgiving Holiday about the eminent auto industry bail out, loan, assistance package; whatever you want to call it. Here’s what came of the conversation:
• Not one of the kids would buy a new “Detroit” made car if they had the money for a new one. (One would by a Ford Pickup)
• Ditto on previously owned from the same makers.
• Cars of choice were VW, BMW, Subaru & Audi; both new and used.
• They tell me that their friends would not be far off these choices.
The point is; if you can’t attract the Y generation now, what does the future bring for the “big three”? I know, you are asking what about my wife and I? She’d take a BMW X5, and for me; probably another BMW, too.
My wife has a 9 year old Toyota Land Cruiser, and I have an 8 year old BMW. The kids all drive well used Land Rovers. I love British vehicles. They have great interiors and depreciate like a rock. Ooops, that brings up a great segway. Please, just look across the “big pond”, if you want to see our future. Great Brittan does a great job of representing what not to do for and with a number of industries.
Packard, Studebaker, Hudson and more recently Oldsmobile were all absorbed in the market place. Life is for the living and life goes on.
Now, reasons to save heavy industries like the automobile business;
• National security?
• Job security?
• Political expediency?
• Tradition?
• Whatever…
I’m not buying it. None of those reasons work for me…, but…
Business moves on; companies fail, who remembers Pan Am, TWA, the first Frontier Airlines, Eastern Airlines on and on and on…. Why didn’t we save any of those businesses? They were strapped with hurtful labor agreements, external regulations, fuel costs, less than excellent management teams. Thousands of employees, too! Why didn’t we save them?
My business is off in the last 9 months, and my retirement funds are down over that same period. My red hair puts me in a class of only 2% of the world’s population. It is estimated by some math minded individuals that redheads will be extinct by 2110. Not one Senator or Representative from the halls of Congress has offered to consider legislation to bail me out or protect my tenuous genetic strain; not one!
When red hair becomes extinct, there will be no more redheads Probably the best reason to bail me out, but not an automaker. When GM is gone, there will still be lots of cars and trucks being made. But, when the last redhead is bread out of existence, there will be no more redheads. Makes you think, doesn’t it? ….tc

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