Out of the Box: Free at last!

“I’ll tell you what ticks me off,” Charlie grumbled, more than a little upset. “It’s all those folks in charge screwing us over! It’s like we were some kinda dummies for trustin’
’em and thinkin’ they had our best interests at heart!”

Well duh!

But the real reason Charlie’s mad is because all the scandals slapped him hard and forced him to wake up and smell the sewer.
They made him get real and tell himself the truth about what’s been going on for a very long time and they shattered his comfortable little illusions about the way the world works…

…and for that, Charlie hates them!

Because now he’s got to quit giving his power away to all those people and institutions he’s always trusted…and begin running his own life and trusting himself. You know, making his own calls, doing what *he* knows is best regardless of what “they” tell him.

Because “the screwin'” Charlie finally woke up and saw…is
true: most of the folks in charge really *don’t* care about you and haven’t for a long time. Money’s the name of the game, and their job’s to get as much of yours as they can…as fast as they can.

That’s why they screwed most everyone involved with Enron…
why stock analysts at major brokerage houses keep telling us to buy stocks they know are in the toilet…why Arthur Anderson got convicted…why WorldCom cooked the books…

…and it’s why Martha Stewart, the queen of K-Mart, allegedly, did a little insider trading.

All to pocket more of our money…which wasn’t hard because most of us make the huge mistake of trusting “them”…instead of trusting ourselves.

So this morning it’s time to change that. That’s right, it’s time to start trusting yourself and to tell the folks who’ve been running your life and controlling your wallet…including the corporations, churches, governments, friends and family who keep telling you “they” know what’s best for you…

…that it’s over!

And from now on you’ll be running your own life, thank you…
because “you” are the one you trust.

Sure, they’ll wail “You’re crazy!” and “Who do you think you are?” and “Have you lost your mind!?”. Yes, they’ll scream “I just want what’s best for you!” and they’ll tell you you’re going to fail, got to hell, lose your mind, get fired, go broke, and anything else they can think of to stop you.

Because if they don’t, you’ll be free…and they can’t stand the thought that you’ll no longer be under their control.

Today is *your* Independence Day! Take back your power and let the fireworks begin!

© Pat Lynch, 2002. All rights reserved.

Please feel free to forward this on.


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