What’s Going On Out There?

These items have made their way past my desk in recent weeks. Some 70M people in the US have below 600 on their FICO scores. This means 70M people may not borrow at market rates and may not be able to borrow at all.

An additional number crossed my desk; 12% of homeowners with mortgage amounts in excess of $1M are 60 days or more behind on their payment. Over $2M, that moves to 14%. This does not bode well for the top end in most residential markets around the country.

With interest rates at their all time lows, I read a prediction this morning that they will go even lower in the months to come through year’s end and into 2011. That could save this market from the dreaded “double dip”.

There will be more to come as I make this WordPress thing come to life. Start checking out my pages at the top. They are starting to have some great content!

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