My 10 Reasons for Homeownership!


Good Hands?


I’ve been a home owner since 1977. That Palace was $33,000 back in the day. 10% Down giving me a PITI of $315/month, I felt like a king! I drove past it the other day. It made me start thinking. I’ve owned and lived in 7 homes, three with my bride. What was it that kept me in the market through “thick and thin”?

I said to myself, “I bet it would be easy to come up with my 10 Reasons for Homeownership”.  Here I go:

1. Always Knowing Where Home Is.
2. Being Part of a Community.
3. Knowing My Neighbors.
4. Making It My Own.
5. Backyard BBQs With Neighbors.
6. Knowing My Mail-person.
7. Mowing The Yard.
8. Planting A Tree.
9. Sitting On The Front Porch Feeling A Sense Of Pride!
10. Paying It Off!!

Now, a lot of homeowners will read this. What makes you stay in the market through thick and thin?

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