Are you an information junkie?  Do you love to search for real estate?  Do you have to know exactly where everyone lives?  Do you like stalking the rich and famous?  You can do that easily in Arapahoe County, Colorado thanks to the Assessor’s truly feature rich website.

Janet Elway's Previous House

Janet Elway's Previous House

For instance, you can pull up a parcel map in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado in Arapahoe County.  Then all you have to do is click on the parcel you are interested in finding out more information and BINGO, it’s right there in front of you.  For instance, did you ever wonder where Janet Elway used to live?

Some of you might be thinking this is great fun, others an invasion of privacy and still others won’t even click on the link. So there it goes, we live in a world of tremendous information resources right at our finger tips; buy it!

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