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 Trinity Property Inspection, Inc.
Your one stop for Home Inspections and EIFS/Stucco Inspections

Pete Szabo

My goal  is to provide  my clients with the information they need  to make the best decision possible about  the house they  are looking to buy. I place all deficiencies in   perspective  and  offer suggestions to correct the problem. I recommend to clients that they keep  their report and use it as a guide for maintaining their new home.


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Are Home Inspections Really Necessary?

To some, a home inspection is just another unwelcome expense at a time when you need all the money you can get to close on a house. The reality is a good home inspection should identify any issues that could turn into expensive repairs down the road.


Most entries on a home inspection report are simply deferred maintenance; things that need to be repaired that the current owner just hasn’t gotten around to yet. However, more often today, than just a few years ago, I am finding deferred maintenance items that have grown into expensive repairs.


A house is the biggest single investment most of us will make in our lifetime. It pays to check it out carefully before you are financially committed. Trinity Property Inspection is committed to helping you through the inspection process.


Do You Need A Backup Home Inspection Plan for the Holiday Season?

Many home inspectors shut down for part or all of the holiday season. Trinity Property Inspection will be available for all your Home Inspection and EIFS/Stucco Inspection and Radon Testing needs throughout the Holiday Season.


Home Inspections

A home inspection includes the entire structure, roof, plumbing, electric, masonry, basement, attic, garage, crawlspace, furnace, air-conditioner, water heater etc. Every item in the house is inspected, operated and evaluated.

The landscaping is inspected for adequate drainage and the proximity of trees to the structure.

Any deficiencies noted during the inspection will be recorded and rated. Recommendations in the report are suggestions for improving or preserving the home.

Radon testing is available and recommended.


EIFS/Stucco Inspections
EIFS House PhotoMore and more homes are being built with EIFS or Stuccoexterior finish systems. It is a popular way to customize the exterior of a home or business.While the materials and designs have improved tremendously in recent years the original installation needs to be inspected and maintained.<!– –>
Trinity Property Inspection, Inc. is a locally owned inspection service offering Residential and Commercial Home Inspections, EIFS/Stucco inspections and Radon testing along the Colorado Front Range. Trinity Property Inspection performs prelisting and buyers home inspection services and new home acceptance inspections.
All Trinity Property Inspection reports are computer generated and include digital photography of issues and concerns.
Contact Us:
Trinity Property Inspections, Inc.
Your one stop for Home Inspections and EIFS/Stucco Inspections
Peter Szabo, CMI
Business (720) 290-2718
Fax (303) 690-6661
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