7 Reasons Highline Canal Benefits My Family

Denver's Cottonwood Ribbon

Denver’s Cottonwood Ribbon

Anyone who has visited Denver in the late summer knows, we live in the high desert plains east of the Continental Divide.  Prior to our canal system, not even a tree existed away from streams and low lying areas.  Once the Highline Canal punched through Denver all the way from the foothills, a ribbon of Cottonwoods provided a respite from the Sun and ultimately grew into the canopy we enjoy from Littleton all the way through Denver and into Aurora.

Do you walk, jog, bike, or ride a horse along the High Line Canal? Does spending time on the canal trail enrich your life?

If so, the High Line Canal now needs your help! Please take a few minutes to jot down the ways in which the canal benefits you and your family and friends, and then send your message by Tuesday, March 6 to:

Dan Einarsen
Arapahoe County Open Spaces
6934 South Lima Street
Centennial, CO 80112
Or you can e-mail your message to both deinarsen@co.arapahoe.co.us and scarter@co.arapahoe.co.us

As residents of Denver, we are fortunate to have the opportunity from a total of 63 initial

Highline Canal Trail in Summer

Highline Canal Trail in Summer

applicants statewide to be a finalist.  The High Line Canal has been chosen as 1 of 17 finalists in the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) River Corridors Initiative grant competition. In June of this year, competition winners will share nearly $32M in grant funding–Colorado Lottery dollars. GOCO is also then likely to make multi-year funding commitments to these winning projects.  Whoo Hoo the Lottery!!

The High Line Canal Working Group’s final application is asking for $5M of this total River Corridors funding, to partner with other funds to 1) improve the canal’s trail access and safety, 2) to purchase several parcels of adjoining property for open space preservation, and 3) to protect and enhance the tree canopy and other vegetation that border the trail. If the canal is one of the grant winners in June, these improvements will enhance the trail experience for us all in future years.

Highline Canal Trail in Fall

Highline Canal Trail in Fall

The intent of GOCO’s River Corridors Initiative is to provide people of all ages with enhanced river and other water-based open space and recreational opportunities. Therefore, support messages from citizens, including ones from children and schools, biking and equestrian clubs, and friends and family are all especially important in strengthening the final High Line Canal application, by demonstrating that many users of diverse ages and interests enjoy the health and recreational opportunities provided by the canal.

Now designated as a National Landmark Trail, the High Line Canal was completed in 1883 to deliver irrigation water from the South Platte River to water users along its 66-mile length–from Waterton Canyon northeast nearly to DIA. Having served previous generations over the past 129 years, with our help now it can continue to serve future generations as a major regional recreational amenity.

Highline Canal Trail

Highline Canal Trail

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for; 7 Reasons Highline Canal has benefited my family.

  1. When the kids were little, they all bounced along behind our bikes in the Burley Trailer for miles and miles.
  2. It was always fun throwing the stick into the water and watching the dog bringing it back.
  3. It is always so homestead-like seeing the equestrian uses, and horses along the way.
  4. The tunnels under the busy streets above allow all users to have uninterrupted and safe passage.
  5. The views are fantastic!  I like fall the best!
  6. The open spaces along the way preserve the legacy!
  7. And last, but not least, the Ribbon of Cottonwoods keep Gingers like me from getting sunburned!

How has Highline Canal benefited you and your family?

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