In state, Out of State and Altered States?

William's Notre Dame Graduation 2010

William's Notre Dame Graduation 2010

I think we can all agree, sending a son or daughter off to campus life is an exciting time.  I have some knowledge of this excitement.  I’ve sent three of my own off.  Two went out of state and one just a few miles away to DU.

With each and every child, it was different.  One had thirty teammates to befriend the first week.  One moved into the oldest dorm on campus with a resident priest down the hallway.  And the last one, moved in just two floors above where I resided in Centennial Halls my freshman year more than 30 years ago; with the exact same view of Mt. Evans that I enjoyed, however, I have to tell you, Denver’s air is much cleaner today than it was back then, and the trees to the west are much taller.

With each child, there were similarities.  The uncertainties, insecurities and emotion for the moment were there for all three kids.  For Mom & Dad, the fear for their safety, wellbeing and happiness was there too.  In addition, with all three, when we drove off, my wife and I were comfortable with the decisions that had been made.  We are still very happy about the results even today.

The question answered and the wisdom learned to be passed along from us as parents is relatively straight forward.  Looking back on all three, each one spent copious hours of on campus tours with experts in the art of walking backwards, online searches, councilor conversations and late night kitchen discussions (mostly with Mom, but Dad was there too).

Most kids these days are articulate, observant and well educated to their needs, wants and means.  They understand what makes them comfortable, and they understand what will be a challenge.  Most of all, they are able to meld this all together and make good decisions.  If your child has chosen the University of Denver or DU as we like to call it, they are wise beyond their years.

What more could a college kid ask for?  A world class transit system to take them to the business center of the west, a short walk to a city park that rivals the best in the world, an interstate highway system that can expose them to everything good about Colorado and last but not least, a world class international airport taking them places most only dream about.  He or she has made a great decision, you will have fun following their adventures and together you will wake up 4 or 5 years from now with not just a kid, but more importantly a new friend.  Travel safely my friends.

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