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Tree lines streets, long shaded sidewalks, a neighborhood coffee shop and a real old schools hardware store characterize Congress Park.  Just a few blocks to Cherry Creek retail, restaurants and businesses, Congress Park is sometimes overlooked but always understood.

Congress Park was, is and continues to be a stylish embroidery of historically interesting homes in Central Denver.  A very well written and storied history of Congress Park and its surrounding neighborhoods can be accessed at this web site:

Some things never change about Denver’s Neighborhoods; what bound them together in the first place continues to keep them stitched even today.

Congress Park enjoys an exciting historic past, but even more important today is the fact that its future is just as exciting.  One can truly be proud of Congress Park.  Its location, its pedestrian access, its surroundings and its future all contribute to its exceptional market acceptance.

According to the 1995 Congress Park Neighborhood Plan, “The Congress Park neighborhood is bounded on the west by York Street, on the north by Colfax Avenue, on the east by Colorado Boulevard and on the south by E. 6th Avenue.”

The Congress Park neighborhood includes a large section of East 7th Ave. Parkway, along which runs one of Denver’s largest historic districts, the 7th Avenue Historic District.

The park contains 8 tennis courts, several athletic fields, a children’s playground, a picnic pavilion, and one of Denver’s public outdoor swimming pools.

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The Denver Botanic Gardens is located to the Park and Neighborhood, on the west side of York St in Cheesman Park. The Communications Center of the City and County of Denver is located at 950 Josephine Street, in the north end of Congress Park, and is easily seen because of its tall antenna. The building houses Denver’s 911 call center and its police and fire dispatchers. Adjacent to the Congress Park’s north are several underground water storage cistern owned and operated by the Denver Water Department.

Here is web site link to current events as reported from the Congress Park neighborhood organization:

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