Do You Ever Wonder What It Takes To Have a Safe Kitchen

With a house full of kids recently, my wife reminded us all to take kitchen health seriously. Thanks to Kaiser Permenente, here is our list of kitchen do’s and don’ts.

Just a little reminder of the kitchen microbes!

Keep it clean

The kitchen is a hot spot for microbes. From raw meat juices that can spill across the countertop to germs retained on the surface of fruits and vegetables, it’s no wonder the culinary corner is considered less sanitary than most bathrooms. Brush up on these tips to avoid foodborne illness as the result of an untidy kitchen:

Avoid using counter tops to slice and dice. Use cutting boards instead: one designated for raw meat and another for produce and ready-to-eat fare. When through using them, always wash boards by hand in hot, soapy water. Then spray them with a little vinegar or rub them with fresh lemon for extra disinfection. Get rid of old boards that develop knicks, scratches, or knife scars — they’re bacterial breeding grounds.

Spray down the kitchen sink nightly with a bleach solution. And replace your dishtowels and rags daily. Toss sponges after a few uses or disinfect them by drenching them in water and then putting them in the microwave on high for at least two minutes.

Don’t forget to rinse the tops of canned food and bottles before opening them to remove factory or transportation residues and other germs that could contaminate the contents.

Always wash your hands before and after handling food.

With only about 2/3 of men washing their hands after using a public restroom, it appears these are recommendations that should not fall on deaf ears. Listen to your Mother!

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