Winter is coming are you ready?

Winter Is Coming!

Winter Is Coming!

For those of us who have lived in Colorado for years the drill is familiar. For those of you new to the state here are a few tips to help you out.

The number one cold weather related problem I find during home inspections is that the garden hoses are still connected to the faucets. Even the freeze proof, self draining faucets need to be disconnected from garden hoses or whatever they are connected to.

Shut off the water to your sprinklers and have them blown out. You probably already have had several papers taped to your front door from companies offering this service. Water left in the lines can freeze and burst sprinklers, vacuum break valves etc.

After the leaves fall from the trees clean your gutters, downspouts and underground extensions. Inspect the gutters to ensure that they are secure and ready for the weight of melting snow.

If your roof has a hidden or dead valley it will need to be checked to make sure that no leaves or twigs are lodged up there. Debris on the roof can form dams and block the runoff from snow melt or rain.

Some other things to think about are: storm windows, attic insulation, loose or damaged siding on your house. Snow shovels and snow melt products for your sidewalks and driveway. Trees, shrubbery and your garden all need to be prepared too.

Is your car ready? Check the tires, wheel alignment, brakes, winter grade windshield washer fluid. Blankets and cold weather gear in the truck are recommended for mountain drivers.

This isn’t a comprehensive list but it should help to get you thinking about preparing for winter.

Thanks to Trinity Property Inspections and Pete Szabo for putting this list together for me!  Peter Szabo, CMI
Business # (720) 290-2718
Fax # (303) 690-6661

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