Denver Market Continues to Lack Residential Inventory

Buyers are on the sidelines because of the lack of inventory.  Transferees moving from out of state would rather rent than compete in multiple offer shenanigans over the same listing.  Sellers are not placing their homes on the market because they are unsure if the property they will want will come on the market.  Seniors are aging in place because they can’t find a better solution.

The chart below confirms this ultra low inventory problem facing Denver buyers and sellers, but it only tells half the story.  Sure, inventory is low, and buyer activity in some areas is ravenous.  That doesn’t mean you have to sit out a great market.  It means you hae to prepare, be ready and be confident.

YTD Inventory View 11-2014

As your Realtor, we have faced each one of these opportunities in the eye, and we have overcome their hurdles and sprinted to the finish line of success.

There’s no trick to providing for any of these buyer or seller needs and wants.  Hard work, experience, perseverance and an historical market perspective that few bring to the table easily overcome anything this market can throw at us.

When the market is not cooperating look for the opportunity.  Every market offers opportunities.  Being able to recognize an opportunity is what makes the difference.

If you have been sitting on the fence, this is the season to be making plans for your next step.  Learning the market, understanding what you can afford and keeping current throughout the process are the characteristics necessary for a successful transition into your first property, your last property and everything in between.

Take time out, come visit with us.  You may find what you’re seeking is just a hidden opportunity requiring seasoned professionals to uncover it for you.

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  1. kmalnati says:

    Hi Tom – Thanks for sharing the great article and graph! ~Kyle


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