Let’s Make Your Home Great Again!

Your home is your sanctuary; a place where memories are made, where family gathers, and where you can lay your head after each long day. But an unorganized home can be an unnecessary source of stress. No matter how big or small your space is, the following tips can help you get your home decluttered and organized in no time.

Decluttering your kitchen

Can’t ever find what you’re looking for in that crowded pantry or kitchen cabinet? Start by throwing out expired foods, and donate canned goods that you’ll never use. Then group your items by category. Use organization tools like tiered spice racks, turntables, or baskets to organize spices and canned foods. Store your flour, sugar, and other bulky items in clear jars to keep track of how much you have and maintain a cohesive look.

Organizing your laundry room

First things first, get things off the floor. Hang wire shelving to elevate bulky laundry baskets, and place hooks on the wall to hang your ironing board, brooms, and other long, narrow items. If you’re extra tight on space, mount a retractable drying rack to the wall. Keep your detergent and other cleaning supplies in a caddy or basket, or hide them away in an easy-to-reach cabinet. And, be sure to presort your dirty clothes in designated hampers.

Organizing your bathroom

The key to keeping your bathroom functional yet tidy is to give everything a home. Glass apothecary jars are a great way to store cotton balls and swabs while adding an elegant touch. Add shelving above the toilet for additional linen storage, and place hairdryers and brushes in over-the-cabinet baskets. Keep your countertop decluttered by storing bottled products in caddies under the counter, or mount stylish baskets to the wall instead.

Maximizing other storage spaces

If you lack storage space throughout your home, go vertical. Your wall space can be your best friend for storage, especially in your garage or closet. And don’t forget to utilize under-the-bed space, which can be used for storing winter clothes or other seasonal items. If you’re handy, build recessed drawers or cabinets into the wall for even more hidden storage.

And my favorite!  Organize your garage

You spent a small fortune on your automobile.  Now you are letting it take on the sun, the rain, the snow, ice and heaven forbid, hail stones!  Remember, your car is worth more than the kids bicycle.  A garage can be a sanctuary too!  Two great choices here are Rubbermaid and The Elfa System at the Container Store.  Before you know it, cars and bicycles will live indoors in harmony.

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  1. Great article! Spring cleaning and organizing are always important. Don’t forget to put all those unwanted items on craigslist or ebay too.


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