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Winter SceneGood Afternoon Everyone!

I know, I’m behind this week.  It’s not Monday.  It’s selling season again.  We have a number of off market listings coming up.  Please let us know what you are looking for.

But, I’m here now and let’s take a look at what month two is shaping up to in Denver.  This weeks MLS data for Denver is very telling!  Overall, we continue to see a continuation of 2017, 2018, and I’m betting Q1 and Q2 will be strong.

The data below is from the last 7 days in Denver’s Residential Real Estate.

New Listing (980)  This is off a little because there was no increase this week.
Back On Market (165)
Price Increase (123)
Price Decrease (704)
Under Contract (1381)  This is a big number!  The buyers are coming out of hibernation!!!
Withdrawn (114)
Leased (37)
Sold (735)  Not a bad number, but looking for this to start keeping pace with UCs.
Expired (197)  This number is way down from previous weeks.  Sellers are staying in the game again.

Sears Kit HouseUntil I start to see continuous weeks of Active Listings exceeding Under Contracts, I’m betting status quo.  Just a quick FYI, Solds are still hampered by year end 2018 holidays.  We will be looking for this to ramp up in coming weeks as the Under Contracts get to closing.

I thought, I would close today with a little history.  The images to the left offer up a great story.  Sears was rescued, “maybe”, from bankruptcy last week.  It’s hard to turn on any DIY Channel on TV where there isn’t a show about handmade, tiny or kit type housing trying to make a resurgence.  In 1916, there were no zoning laws, building codes or regulations.  If you owned your land, you could build your house.  In fact, Sears would send it by rail to your town for you to pick up and take home.

NOW, here’s the quiz question: who can spot one of these in Denver and what neighborhood?  Hint: there were a lot of house going up in the early 1900s.

Give us a call, and we’ll share some more history with you…tc

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