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Good Morning Everyone!

Three PointsThere is no question, we have hit the ground running into another spring selling/buying season.  Buyers like bears awakening from hibernation have returned to the market again.  Sellers are making those difficult “what’s next” decisions, and we are ready for you!

As you can see below from this weeks MLS data, New Listings, Under Contracts and Closings continue their March (April) into the new season with great confidence.  Let’s take a look.

New Listing (1463) Not as strong as last week, but still strong.
Back On Market (242)
Price Increase (113)
Price Decrease (863)  Keep an eye on this, sellers routinely over price coming into the spring season.  “Irrational Exuberance”
Under Contract (1634) Almost competitive with last week.  Buyers are out in full force!
Withdrawn (131) I like when this number is low…
Leased (38)
Sold (988) Very comparable with last week, but still not up full season strength.
Expired (159)

Let’s put all this in perspective for you.  If we are closing 1,000/week and 4 weeks in a month, this gives us about 45 days supply with current inventory around 6,000 active listings.  The front page story is simple, the right price, condition and location, you can still sell your Denver house in about 23 days…

Recently, I engineered my spring trip.  CoMexTexOk on two lane and dirt roads as much as possible.  I enjoyed circumnavigating what was once the center of the “Dust Bowl”.  I’m witness to a Wind Energy Business that is booming, a cattle industry that is still “calving” in spring, a flourishing agra-business and petro-dollars still coming out of the ground.  From an eyewitness account, I observed brand new pickups around every corner, shinny new farm implements, active drilling, thousands and thousands of four legged friends getting ready for the grill, and last but not least, in these “4 corners”, wind energy is taking advantage of weather conditions conducive to spinning those three blades!  “Fly-Over Country” is doing quite well by my observation.

We sell houses 12 months a year, but this time of year enjoys more closings and more new listings, than any other quarter.  Stop by the office and I’ll show you the scoop first hand and in person!  “Keep on truckin’….”



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