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Good Morning Everyone! 

We are back to work after a great holiday “long weekend”.  What happened over the last 7 or 8 days?  Let’s take a look below…

New Listing (1146) Showing the traditional 4th slowdown.
Back On Market (245)
Price Increase (109)
Price Decrease (1235) We have too many “over priced” listings.
Under Contract (1254) Once again, off a bit from earlier weeks with the 4th.
Withdrawn (162)
Leased (35)
Sold (1048) Nobody sets a closing for a holiday week!
Expired (215)

Neighbor FireworksSo, why is this a #GoldMedal week?  Simple, the 4th has historically been the beginning of the second half of the year.  Women’s Soccer clearly rung in a great finish to the first half of a Gold Medal year so far.  Rates are down, the market is up and the prospects for prosperity continue to be good.

When you bought you last house, did you check out your new neighbors?  We can help provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable in your new community.  A buyer gets to pick its neighborhood, property and neighbors.  So, if you are thinking about new “neighbors”, please give us a call, let’s create a plan and work toward your goals.

Dee & Tom 303-773-3399

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  1. kmalnati says:

    Hi Neighbor ~ Great stats and insight on the market. I always enjoy reading your blog posts, Tom!! Keep up the good work and thoughtful research! :)) Best Regards, ~Kyle Malnati, Calibrate Real Estate (Denver, CO)

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