09/06/2022 #Homeownership #NationalReadABookDay #BeingThere

If you want a quick read for your National Read a Book Day, Being There would be my choice. It’s only 165 pages, it created a very comedic film of the same name. It plays well into a more humorous political scene but very poignant. So, Being There!

The growth in Total Number of Active Listings has turned…

Let’s also take a look at this week’s numbers.

New Listing (1033) With a 3 day weekend signalling the “end of summer”, this number is low and very telling.
Coming Soon (232) No Different than last week’s number.
Back On Market (244)
Price Increase (87)
Price Decrease (1349) A big number, but not as big as last week’s number.
Pending (1167) Better than the number of new listings. First time in more than a month.
Withdrawn (228)
Leased (45)
Closed (1289) End of the month numbers here. “Let’s get this closed so we have the long weekend to move in/move out!
Expired (509) This is telling us, 509 Sellers just gave up. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE HITTING THE MARKET!

With the number of ACTIVE LISTINGS down from last week by almost 800 from last week, we are seeing the typical End of Summer, Back to School and Vacation Week playing its typical roll in the marketplace. Once again, it’s telling me #TheSkyIsNotFalling!

Hardly a day goes by when at least one person doesn’t ask, “Tom, what’s the market doing?” My answer is almost always the same. Our market is doing quite well. If 2022 hadn’t happened the way it did, we would all be talking about how good the market is, and what a great time it is to move up in Denver.

Long story short, we have to get past an election. Someone or something needs to figure out how to unite the W2 worker vs. the 1099 worker, the #HomeOwner vs. the tennant, the Democrat vs. the Republican, the wealthy vs. the poor, the Suburbs vs. the City and those vs. Rural America, and all the other wrifts we have in the great country. I don’t know who or what it will be, but it will happen…

In the meantime, First Time Buyers and Last Time Sellers both tell me, owning a home has been a great improvement their lives. Step into the market, the waters are calm. We’ll be there for you every step of the way…tc


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