12/13/2022 #FTX #Comingle #Crypto

Good Morning Everyone,

We live in the best of times, and the worst of times. Hard to believe in 2022 there are still wars. On the other hand, we are just a few hours away by plane from the most exotic and distant beaches in the world. And, then there is SBF. Who knew a man with the name Bankman would be accused with one of the biggest rip offs in modern times?

The fallout from FTX, and their commingling of funds has had a severe impact on Crypto Markets. This is not over, and I feel the waters will run deep on this one. Depending on how closely FTX and SBF are connected to the “deep state”, this could have a tornado like swath across a broad path. Someone will squeal, don’t you think?

Which is a perfect segway (not really) to this week in Denver’s Residential market. Let’s take a look!

New Listing (730) Very low. We are now in the holiday season!!!
Coming Soon (33) Nothing to look forward too…
Back On Market (193)
Price Increase (107)
Price Decrease (961) Sellers still searching for the secret price sauce.
Pending (873) Surprising number so late in the year. Well beyond new listings!
Withdrawn (245)
Leased (66)
Closed (766) Buyers and Sellers finding their way to the closing table…
Expired (299)
Another Strong Week, but The Numbers Are Seasonally Low.

Next week will be a reflection of 2022 and my prognosys for 2023. So, be patient and take a quick look at inventory.

As you can see, we have fallen inline with all previous years except for last year. The lack of supply in 2021 was an abortion, and what we are experiencing now is what’s more typical. Let’s always keep our perspective. The Sky Is Not Falling…tc

As we approach year’s end, next week will be our last post of the year, and the first post of 2023 will be January 3rd, 2023. Safe travels…tc

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