Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panels

Trinity Property Inspection Newsletter
Your one stop for Home and EIFS/Stucco InspectionsApril 2009
To Replace Or Not To Replace

Because of the present market conditions lower priced homes have become a more popular choice among buyers. The two most visible issues with older homes are “fair-wear-and-tear” and “neglect” both of which are obvious to most home seekers.
A less obvious concern is the electrical panel. There are thousands of Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels installed across the Denver metro area. The FPE products have been the center of controversy in the electrical community for years and their replacement with other brand products has been a standard recommendation by electricians and inspectors for years.
Some concerns about FPE breakers and panels are:
· Some FPE breakers fail to shut off internally even if the toggle is switched to “off”· Breakers fail to trip during testing up to 60% of the time· Electricity arcs between buss bars and breaker contacts causing hot spots and fires inside panels.· All FPE panels are old (most way beyond expected service life). Even the best equipment fails with timeThe Federal Pacific Company doesn’t exist any more only a law office to handle lawsuits.

Replacing a FPE electrical panel before listing a house on the market would eliminate that concern before a home inspector calls it out. No one wants to pay for a new electrical panel but an old FPE panel is a regular deal breaker.
Trinity Property Inspection will always recommend replacing FPE electrical panels but will not include inflammatory words like “dangerous” or “can burn the house down”. We are here to provide useful accurate information not panic.

The goal of Trinity Property Inspection is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision concerning their new home purchase. All deficiencies are placed in perspective with a recommended corrective action. It is recommended that homeowners keep their inspection report and use it as a guide for maintaining their home.
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