Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detection
In an effort to improve our inspection service, Trinity Property Inspection will be adding Carbon Monoxide detection to our home inspection report later this week. This frequently requested service is in support of the new Colorado law concerning Carbon Monoxide.

Starting July 1, 2009 all Colorado residences, with a fuel fired appliance or an attached garage, will be required to have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector installed within 15 feet of all legal bedrooms when there is a change of ownership or change of tenant in the case of rental property.

More inspection items mean that there likely be more findings. In the case of CO this is a good thing, properly represented and explained.
The goal of Trinity Property Inspection is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision concerning their new home purchase. All deficiencies are placed in perspective with a recommended corrective action. It is recommended that homeowners keep their inspection report and use it as a guide for maintaining their home.

Trinity Property Inspection performs both Home and EIFS/Stucco Inspections। Why wait for your home inspector to refer you to a stucco inspector when you can get both at the same time. When booking a combined home and EIFS/Stucco inspection I discount the price. There is some degree of overlap between the two inspections and I am already there!

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