Living in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

About the City of Cherry Hills Village…

The City of Cherry Hills Village sits near the western edge of Arapahoe County, which was the first county in Colorado. Residents of Cherry Hills Village chose to incorporate in 1945 due to concerns about adjacent development, including a proposal for a new regional airport near Cherry Hills Village. By incorporating, the City had the authority to establish an ordinance to regulate the lowest altitude at which airplanes could fly over the City. Ironically, Denver decided to locate its airport elsewhere, and Cherry Hills Village never passed an ordinance governing flight elevations.
After incorporating, the City’s first priority was to put essential city services into place. In the mean time, citizens volunteered their services as town treasurer, marshal, attorney, city clerk, and judge. The city clerk worked out of her home, court took place on a porch in a backyard, and police and road departments worked out of their personal vehicles.

The first zoning map was developed in 1945, and a land use Master Plan was adopted by the City in 1950. With this plan, a Community Center District was established at the intersection of Quincy Avenue and University Boulevard. The new plan allowed for a limited amount of commercial uses in order to maintain the City’s unique rural character. In 1966, Cherry Hills Village changed its governance status from a statutory town rule to that of home rule.

Between 1950 and 1970, the City grew 514%, going from 750 residents in 1950 to 4,605 residents in 1970. In 1961, Cherry Hills Village purchased the four acres planned for the Village Center for a mere $20,000.

Today, much of the City continues to maintain a rural atmosphere, and it is one of the most beautiful and desirable communities in the metropolitan Denver area. Cherry Hills Village is still predominantly residential and now has a population of about 6,000 residents.

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