Wet Weather and Your Home

Last night’s rain across the metro area served as a reminder that our semi-arid desert state of Colorado isn’t always dry. Many areas across the Denver-metro receive an inch or more of rain and hail in just a few minutes.

These windy rain and hail storms are common during sun cycle periods known as Solar Minimums (when the suncools and our climate cools correspondingly). Our last Solar Minimum was back during the 1980’s and the weather looked just like what we are seeing today.

Heavy rain can be a big problem if your house isn’t equipped with a properly installed and operational sump pump. It has been estimated that an average roof will shed 1,000 gallons of water for each inch of rain. Conditions change; my sump has been dust dry for 15 years, now I have a foot of water in it waiting to be pumped out.

This year during home inspections I have seen many wet crawlspaces and sumps full of water। The homeowners were often surprised because their homes (during their time of occupancy) have always been dry.

Signs that your home might have a moisture problem are:
High humidity in the basement or crawlspace
Appearance of efflorescence, mold or fungi
Soft soil or mud in the crawl or subcrawl space
Water in the sump at or above the perimeter drain

Things to look for around your house are: Standing water in the yard
Gutters and downspouts are clear and free flowing
Downspouts extend at least three feet away from foundations
Humidity and dampness in crawl and subcrawl spaces
Water in sumps at or above perimeter drains

If you have a humidistat and fan system for your crawl or subcrawl space it should be set around 35%. This keeps it to dry for mold without having to run all the time. If your ventilation system doesn’t shut off you need to check and see why it doesn’t.

If any of these conditions exist, you need to investigate and prepare for the next heavy rain.

All of these concerns are reported on in Trinity Property Inspection home inspection reports. In most cases the solution is simple and inexpensive, once you are aware that you have a problem.

The goal of Trinity Property Inspection is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision concerning their new home purchase. All deficiencies are placed in perspective with a recommended corrective action. It is recommended that homeowners keep their inspection report and use it as a guide for maintaining their home.

Trinity Property Inspection performs both Home and EIFS/Stucco Inspections. Why wait for your home inspector to refer you to a stucco inspector when you can get both at the same time. When booking a combined home and EIFS/Stucco inspection I discount the price. There is some degree of overlap between the two inspections and I am already there!

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