First Edition Newsletter

My Town Cryer
by Tom Cryer Broker Associate @ Kentwood

Welcome to the first edition of MyTownCryer the newsletter. This is the digital replacement for my monthly snail mailers that you have received in the past. In fact, those mailers have been going out in that fashion for more than 7 years each month. I even sent one to my wife. Unfortunately, although the content was often very valuable, many times the letters remained unopened, they were tossed into the trash, and the worst feeling for a Realtor was some were returned “No Longer At This Address” (maybe 3 or 4 in 7 years). I hope to make this grow with content, make my family and me more transparent to you and finally be something you will find valuable enough to forward to your family, friends and co-workers. Someday, I’d love to have one of these newsletters go “viral”. Let’s see what happens!

Not only is MyTownCryer my new newsletter, but it is the name of my blog and my website. I’d love to have you start following it. The kids are reading it! Every once in a while, I hit a home run, other times; it’s a complete strike out. When time permits, please give it a look see:

If you’re in business in today’s economic environment, I need not bore you with the trials and tribulations of running a business within a business in the real estate arena. There are changes every day. But, I can point to some exciting and positive changes at The Kentwood Companies.
• As we migrate away from a one office mentality, we are slowly losing The Kentwood Company and more increasingly becoming The Kentwood Companies.
• We still have three very successful offices (DTC, Cherry Creek & LODO)
• We now control the domain of to which my is a direct link. This has increased our website traffic by more than 45% in just the 6 months since we have controlled and advertised this domain. Look for more to come!

If you have been watching your neighbors For Sale signs, reading what’s left of our print media in Denver, and/or listening to any news channel on TV, you probably have heard “Your home value is down”. That being said, on average this is very true, but in reality, our Denver Market has some price ranges and locations with rapid market velocity and even some price appreciation that is measurable! On the other hand, and to some extent in isolated areas, we have seen destructive depreciation from which it will take years to recover.
If you ever have a question about this very complex market, or what’s happening in your area, with the help of our software, we can put you in the KNOW quickly. Just give a jingle we’d be happy to help!

I tweet on Twitter, I’m in Facebook, I’m LinkedIn, and I’ve been a Plaxo user for years now. I can’t recommend this for everyone. Privacy issues are HUGE; But, I can offer my opinion. I don’t understand Twitter; YET. Facebook has been a riot and a half. Finding old friends and working on a virtual family reunion have been well worth the time and effort. Watching over the kids may have had something to do with it, too. Additionally, Trip Advisor is really a trip down memory lane! LinkedIn is a first class business network devise that I am finding invaluable in an environment of corporate turnover and change. The groups are filled with knowledgeable albeit self aggrandizement oriented leaders sometimes, but very worthwhile. If you have a hobby – both Facebook and LinkedIn have a group for you to follow. You don’t have to be a contributor; you can be a follower for free. Plaxo has first class organizational benefits in terms of syncing your devices, etc. Its social networking piece is a lot like the others, just maybe not as robust.
I know I’m connected to many of you, but for those who have not tried these methods of communication and/or community building, you may just want to look into it. If you have questions, I will be happy to help!

I can’t begin to describe the emotional roller coaster The Cryer Clan has been on this year. I will detail more in our Holliday letter, but here are the highlights:
• We started the year with William in the hospital with a very rare esophageal defect requiring major thoracic surgery. Missed a semester at ND, but is all better now and back at school. He’s our IT specialist. If you have a computer problem, he’ll be home for Thanksgiving!
• Andrew Graduated from HS and is off to DU (Hotel, Restaurant, etc.) I’ll miss his creative meals in the meantime.
• Caroline Graduated from Duke, She played on the US National Team and won a Gold Medal in the Women’s World Cup of Lacrosse against Australia.
• Caroline’s tournament was in Prague, Czech, so we decided it was time and the kids were the right age for a tour of Europe so we did the Western Mediterranean Sea by cruise ship (Naples, Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Nice, Marseille, and Barcelona) what fun!
• Caroline found a job right here in Denver, and she likes it! We love having back in Denver!
• Get your Vail Ski Pass from Dee @ Colorado Ski & Golf on Havana! Blue Sky Basin here we come!
• For me, I’d like to tell you this is my best year ever, but I’d be lying. It will turn out to be an OK year, but over the years, we have learned to live with the ups and downs of the market and the needs of buyers and sellers. I keep telling people 2009 feels a lot like 1989 did in Denver. But one thing remains the same regardless; I am committed to your real estate success on whichever side you chose to take a position! For me, one trend that is becoming more and more a part of my business is really heartwarming. I have represented a number of my past clients’ children on their way down the path to home ownership. What fun!

Just as we continue to upgrade our Internet presence, as a company, we have not waivered on our ability to serve our clients and customers.
• Our network with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World offers wide reaching services which include matching you, your family or a business associate with a real estate professional in markets throughout the USA and around the World. Several times in the last couple of years I’ve assisted with that senior out of town relative’s real estate needs with great success.
• We have household goods service partners working with us to provide you with affordable move options as well.
• We have a concierge type list of proven contractors, service providers and unique individuals available for your everyday needs. And, please, if you have a great service provider, let’s hear about them!
• Banking or Mortgage needs? Got you covered! Although it has never been more complicated, these pros will walk you through the process with care and understanding.
• I even have a few ideas up my sleeve that I will share with you moving forward. We live in a world where we didn’t know we wanted it until we saw or heard about it!

Finally, If your spouse or partner would like to be added to my email list, I’d be happy to oblige. If on the other hand, you would like to be removed from my mailing list click on and type remove in the subject line. Our intention is to not intrude but to add value to your day.

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