by Tom Cryer Broker Associate @ Kentwood
Welcome to MyTownCryer

A great place to go to keep up on Real Estate News, The Kentwood Companies and me is My Town Cryer the blog. It follows all kinds of real estate related sites and blogs. It offers all kinds of information. Free reading without the trip to the library; now that’s a green solution!

We had a huge turnout for the Fitness Festival in Greenwood Village benefiting the Cherry Creek School Foundation. The Kentwood Companies gave out thousands of sponsorship gifts to attendees. The Frisbees were a big hit, and for many they worked perfectly as plates during the food tasting portion of the festival. All the volunteer talent was great, but my favorite was Cherry Creek High School’s Meister Singers. They stole the show for me with our National Anthem!

I partnered with one of the most prolific real estate software providers more than a dozen years ago. Recent upgrades by Hillsoft to their software allow me to quickly and efficiently provide you with a wide range of data solutions for your residential real estate needs. Why not have a check up on your subdivision, neighborhood, or city. It can be as general as the entire metro area, or as exacting as your block. I put a report together for a client the other day. The report so definitively showed the market had turned in her area; she is actively pursuing a move up home. Without this consult, they might have still been waiting and could have “missed the market”. Feel free to contact me with what you are curious about. Your questions and my answers might be the beginning of something great!

Let me update you on where I am in this crazy world of social networking. On I currently have 291 connections. On I currently have 112 connections. On I currently have 174 connections. On I currently have 22 followers. What does all this mean? Well, a math major with the help of a little knowledge figured out that I can put one of my new listings in front of literally thousands of people with a click of mouse, in addition to the more conventional methods of presenting residential real estate already in use. Virtual “word of mouth” is becoming the new communication paradigm, and social networking does this very, very well! As an example, here’s what LinkedIn looks like for me:
Your Network of Trusted Professionals
You are at the center of your network. Your connections can introduce you to 2,452,400+ professionals — here’s how your network breaks down:
Your Connections
Your trusted friends and colleagues 290

Two degrees away
Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections 31,800+
Three degrees away
Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends 2,420,300+
Total users you can contact through an Introduction 2,452,400+
3,631 new people in your network since September 28
Pretty frightening isn’t it? The amazing thing about my 1st degree network is I’ve met almost all of them in person at one time or another. The overwhelming majority of which I’ve done business. I think this medium has a future. Don’t know what it will look like, but this is clearly a preview!

It’s been an exciting month for the Cryer’s. With Ski season right around the corner, this means Dee is all fired up at Vail Associates. Caroline is very busy with her new career, the secret will come out next month! William is busy applying for summer internships and getting his resume out and in front of the crowd. He is very pleased ND is doing better on the Gridiron this year. Andrew is settling in at DU. He has joined the Water Polo Club, has his hockey ticket in hand, and has started classes. And Last but not least, I put four new properties on the market in the last 2 weeks from $179K to $899K. There is some real evidence that people still want to live in a home that they own. Residential Real Estate is the swizzle stick that stirs the economy!

Did you ever wonder what your house would be worth in another city, or what schools in Dallas compare with your school in Denver? I have a link for you to get started, but this is just the beginning: . We have a myriad of resources for you to start your search, and more importantly, we have experts around the country and around the world that can assist you, a family member, a coworker, or even your best friend. Feel free to ring me up!

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