by Tom Cryer Broker Associate @ The Kentwood Companies
Fourth Edition
December, 2009
Welcome to MyTownCryer

Every once in a while I’m a party to something very special. Earlier this year one of my clients purchased a home out on 40 acres. When I followed up recently on “Green Acres”, here’s the wonderful story I heard.
“Everything is moving along pretty well. No livestock yet, just a dozen hens, 2 roosters, 1cat and a dog.
The dog mangled two of the 12 hens and we think that a hawk may have gotten a previously wounded hen which puts us at 9 hens and 2 roosters.
Wait…back up! This is actually our second set of hens. Our first dozen were devoured by our cat on Mother’s Day when they were a just couple weeks old!
It’s been a rollercoaster. Good thing, we should be getting fresh eggs any day now. Next year we plan on getting a couple milking goats & starting our garden.”
It’s always great hearing the real life trials and tribulations of home ownership and lifestyles. If you have a story to share too; you know how to reach me!

Starting soon, The Kentwood Companies will have a new bold look all over Denver! All of our signage is going to change, and that change will be quite dramatic. The old “Cream & Green” is a thing of the past, but the logo and some basics are still there. I personally like the new signs, but I’d love to hear your critical input.
Additionally, they really pop from a distance, they will be very manageable to install with a clever little ground bracket which carries the whole sign. Keep an eye out for them, Coming Soon!
A touch of Pleasantville? Perhaps. Like the movie there’s more than a “black-and-white” vibe to this bungalow and ranch-style area. University Hills is a real neighborhood, sprinkled with nice houses, well-kept lawns and colorful flowerbeds, making both urban and suburban types content to call it home. Access to the Highline Canal & the Wellshire Inn/Country Club grace the community with a range of recreational opportunities.
Nearby Mamie Doud Eisenhower Park (Bet you didn’t know the former President’s wife was a Colorado Native, but that’s another story.), the former home to Kentwood’s annual picnic, has a recreation center, tennis courts, soccer fields, a playground… even a pool. South Colorado Boulevard satisfies the urge to splurge with some cool and interesting shops, plenty of ethnic restaurants, an organic market, and a theater that runs Indie films. Something for everyone. I’ve always liked Poppie’s!But, if there’s ever a need to escape this pleasant place, Interstate 25 and Highway 285 give residents access to just about anywhere. With a well established trend of gentrification taking place, quick access to light rail and splitting the difference between the Denver CBD and the DTC look for good things to happen in U-Hills!

A quick glance at U-Hills residential real estate market reveals the following: Over the last 12 months U-Hills has had a high of $695,000, a low of $100,000 and an average price of $227,500. With many new builds in the last few years in the neighborhood, this summary will be changing dramatically as we move forward.

SOCIAL NETWORKING & building relationships
The small world phenomenon is the hypothesis that the chain of social acquaintances required to connect one arbitrary person to another arbitrary person anywhere in the world is generally short. The concept gave rise to the famous phrase six degrees of separation after a 1967 small world experiment by psychologist Stanley Milgram. In Milgram’s experiment, a sample of US individuals was asked to reach a particular target person by passing a message along a chain of acquaintances. The average length of successful chains turned out to be about five intermediaries or six separation steps (the majority of chains in that study actually failed to complete). The methods (and ethics as well) of Milgram’s experiment was later questioned by an American scholar, and some further research to replicate Milgram’s findings had found that the degrees of connection needed could be higher. Academic researchers continue to explore this phenomenon as Internet-based communication technology has supplemented the phone and postal systems available during the times of Milgram. A recent electronic small world experiment at Columbia University found that about five to seven degrees of separation are sufficient for connecting any two people through e-mail.
Here’s the game in this Issue: I have a business acquaintance by the name of Dr. Federico Pellegrini. He’s as crazy and competent as his name might confirm. Do your best to find his email address before the next Newsletter goes out. The first person to get back to me via email with Federico’s email address, as I have it in my address book, has a special treat coming their way! Unfortunately, Federico may not take advantage of this offer.
WOW, can you believe 2009 is almost over? It’s been the best and worst of years like non-other. But, although, the five of us are running in parallel universes this month, we will all be in Colorado for the Holidays; Yeah!!!! Andrew finished his first trimester at DU with flying colors and is off to Vail for a month of Skiing! Sounds like trouble doesn’t it? William was home for Thanksgiving and is back recuperating from a Fighting Irish Football Season and all that goes with it. He’ll be heading off after the first of the year starting his “senior” year. Caroline has been busy at iPhase3 as their resident Business Analyst. It is getting very exciting for her and her company! A brief training weekend with the US Women’s Team made her realize what conditioning is all about. Deirdre has finished up with Vail Associates & the Epic Pass for the season. I have asked her for about the hundredth time to come join me at The Kentwood Company. Some days I get a “yes”, and some days I get a “no”. Let’s see how it goes… She’s the Ying for my Yang. As for ME, I’m busy developing new sources of business. As the year comes to a close, I’m gaining more traction every day. Thanks to you all!
Due to my Realtor Benefits at, I have access to a great program that works well for many of my clients. Allows me to offer you a 10% off coupon. It’s good for anything in the store. If you are planning a new kitchen, a bathroom remodel or just a can of paint, this could be a huge savings. Just shoot me your email, and I’ll have Lowes email the coupon directly to you!

If your spouse, partner, family member, business associate or friend would like to be added to my email list, I’d be happy to oblige. If on the other hand, you would like to be removed from my mailing list click on and type remove in the subject line. Our intention is to not intrude but to add value to your world.
BTW – Do you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home? If so, give me a call and tell me about them. I would be honored to have the opportunity to help them achieve their real estate goals.

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