Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in the Last Ten Years

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in the Last Ten Years

If we came into this decade with Irrational Exuberance, I think it is clear we are leaving this decade behind with a sense of Rational Apathy. Real Estate, been there done that; Investment Bankers; been there done that; McMansions; been there done that; Expensive Cars; been there done that! Even Halogen Light Bulbs; CFLs here we come!

Here’s my prediction for the next decade: Think Affordable, Think Self Sufficiency, Think Homegrown, and Think Down the Street. Why do I think all this? Let’s start with Affordable: Even the richest guys in the world like a bargain. How about Self Sufficiency: Don’t you get a thrill out of figuring something out on your computer on your own? Don’t you get a charge out of executing a new recipe flawlessly for your family? Let’s go to Homegrown: I challenge you! Is there anything more fulfilling that pulling that first tomato of the season off the vine sprinkling a tiny bit of salt on that first bite and feeling the flavors rush over your tongue. What about Down the Street: Is there anything more fun than going to the family run restaurant and getting a pat on the back while you enjoy a great meal that you know they started preparing hours before?

OK, probably none of you will print and/or post this on your corkboard and save this for the next ten years. But don’t be surprised if we start this decade off with a renewed value system that rewards personal achievement and accountability rather than Fast Eddy glamour. Because one thing is Four Shore: we’ve all learned some valuable lessons in the last 10 years!!


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