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June, 2010

By Tom Cryer, Broker Associate @ The Kentwood Companies


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What’s New @ MyTownCryer

Spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner.  Soon half the year will have slipped away and we’ll all look back and say, “Can you believe it’s the 4th of July already?”  Let’s hit it hard this month for Father’s Day and let’s not forget, Flag DaySend me a picture of your flag flying high!  In addition, I’d love to hear some great family traditions for Father’s Day.

Whipsawed; have you heard that expression?  “Boy Oh Boy, I’m feeling whipsawed.”  Wall Street is up and down on the same day.  The residential real estate market is whipsawing us too!  Every day we are bombarded with news about rates, tax incentives, inventory, foreclosures, short sales, default rates, mortgage backed securities and their derivatives.  I’m definitely feeling like I’m on both ends of the saw.  But, I believe contrary to the liquid markets of NYSE or NASDAQ, the residential market is not liquid.  It serves more than the purpose of an investment.  It is shelter, it is a lifestyle, it provides you with a spot in the community, and it is a place that for most of us defines who or where we are or came.  It has value well beyond what Wall Street can tell us every day.

An older friend of mine many years ago when I was starting a family told me, “The best thing a father can do for his family is to provide them with a stable home.”  It worked for me, but in a world full of employment mobility, single parents, economic whipsaws and for many a missing skill set or even the desire for home ownership; has the dream of home ownership been lost?  If you do, read this link below!

I’ve attached a link to an 18 page paper on the social benefits of home ownership.  The economic power of a country often leads back to its citizenry’s commitment to home ownership.  All the way back to Aristotle, the benefits of home ownership have been extolled.  I don’t think these ideals are going away anytime soon!  Additionally, neighborhoods with a high percentage of owner occupancy have lower crime rates.  If everyone had “skin in the game”, what a glorious world this would be!

Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing


What’s News @ the Kentwood Companies

open house 003.JPG


2010 Denver Board Roundtable Awards Banquet took place on the very last day of April, the last day of the tax credits and the day of the month more closings take place than any other.  Although not well placed on the calendar for our productivity this year, once again, The Kentwood Companies have been virtually unrivaled by the competition.  With our offices placing #1, #2 and #3 in sales volume in the 50+ agent category.  With leadership positions in virtually every category, we will always have the buyer or the property available!


Property Profiles of the Month

15858 QUARRY HILL Drive, PARKER (MLS# 878209)             Superb Basement Finish w/Granite Wet Bar, Maple Cabinetry & Shelving, Custom Lighting w/Rec. Room, Bedroom/Office and Bathroom. The La Paloma has tremendous interior volume w/2-story ceilings over the Foyer, Living Room & Family Room. Private backyard. DKY! SOLD!!!

451 ROSE FINCH Circle, HIGHLANDS RANCH (MLS# 874902) A Beautiful Home on a quiet circle near all the amenities of Indigo Hills! This location offers everything a buyer in Highlands Ranch could want. A neighborhood elementary school, community pool, miles of trails, access to shopping; it’s all right here!


MyTownCryer Concierge Services

I’d like to take this space today and request from my readers, “Who is your ‘go to’ service?”  Do you have someone or some entity you would like to brag about?  I am going to list them here next month.  Please share your finds with all of us!

Community Spotlight  – Highlands Ranch, CO.

From 1891 to 1904, the first phase of the Highlands Ranch Mansion, originally called Castle Isabel, was built. Around that same time, property owner John Springer purchased additional land, bringing his total holdings to 23,000 acres. The acreage changed hands several more times until 1937, when Lawrence C. Phipps, Jr., son of a U.S. Senator from Colorado, bought it for cattle ranching. Phipps’ death, the property was owned briefly by Highland Ventures and then by Mission Viejo Company in 1978. In 1981, the Phil and Kaye Scott family led a group of "pioneer" homeowners to the Highlands Ranch we know today, where homes were built and districts were created.
A new era of ownership was heralded in August 1997 as Shea Homes purchased the property and began the vital community we enjoy today!


Today, Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated entity run by Metro Districts with a population exceeding 100,000.  A three year sales history and average price trend is accessible via this link and even more stories about Highlands Ranch can be found by clicking on the picture above.

What’s New, What’s Hot & What’s Happening?

When replying to someone’s email the “reply” button replies just to the person that sent to you.  The “reply all” button replies to everyone the original email was sent to.  Be careful to only hit “reply all” when you want all recipients to see your reply.  This has burned more than one novice user.


Additionally, when forwarding a message to a group, spend a few seconds cleaning it up prior to pressing send.  Remove fwd from the subject line.  Remove the printed material down to the document itself.  It makes for a much more enjoyable read for everyone.


Last, but not least, are you sending an email to a large group, try a Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) or Mail Merge to eliminate the nuisance of all those names and email addresses preceding the body of the message.


These few steps will get your email received and read more easily by your loving readers!


PS….  Can you believe Apple has sold over 2 Million iPads in just 60 days?  Lines at all their stores around the world.  My son, William, waited almost 2 weeks for his to be delivered.  It’s a pretty “sweet” device!


Family Happenings 

All I can say is being flexible is the key.  Late April and following us along into May, our lives changed very dramatically.  Just when you think the waters are too calm, sure enough there is a big wave ready to hit the beach right behind you.  About the third week in April, William called us from school indicating he was having the same symptoms of last year.  We called his Denver Doctor and the suggestion to immediately head to the emergency room was a good Family.jpgone.  By late evening the next day, we had William here at the Anschutz Medical Campus a second round of esophageal surgery the next day.  All has “gone well” so far and the prognosis is excellent for a full recovery, but the why question still remains unanswered.  Why does William develop now two abscesses on his esophagus?  To date, we have no answers.  We’ll keep you posted, but this has been very tough on the guy.  On a good note, the doctor released him for his graduation walk at Notre Dame!

Dee’s Cherry Creek High School team went undefeated and won the state championship in Girl’s Lacrosse beating the dreaded Denver East Angels.  It was a great season, however, I have to admit, when Caroline and Dee start their late evening chats on strategy and teamwork, I sneak off to bed…

Andrew keeps working toward finishing his freshman year at the University of Denver.  For the time being he is working at Lime @ The Landmark (go bug him on Taco Tuesdays).  Also, we have 3 little chicks in the garage now.  Don’t ask….

Caroline has enjoyed some very exciting news at iPhase3 in the last month.  She is enjoying her weekend lacrosse league, and she has been catching up with old and new friends on a regular basis.

Mt. Democrat 2010.jpgAs for me, so far, my New Year’s Resolution is coming to fruition.  I don’t really like talking about it, but since January 1, 2010, I have lost 24 lbs.  I have a neat little app on my iPhone that keeps me on the straight and narrow!  I climbed a 14er over the weekend, Mt. Democrat, and at that altitude it is a lot easier being 24 lbs. lighter – a lot easier!  I still have a way to go to reach my goal, and I need some new clothes, but I feel great!!

Denver Market Watch 2009

Follow this link to a comprehensive presentation of year end market data at, The Denver Market Watch Year End 2009 You will find it informative!  Also, Wells Fargo provided a very informative weekly update.  I’ve uploaded it for you here: WEEKLY ECONOMIC UPDATE.

Oh, By the Way…

If your spouse, partner, family member, business associate or friend would like to be added to my Newsletter list, I’d be happy to oblige. 


If on the other hand, you would like to be removed from my mailing or have it sent to a more convenient personal email address just click on and type add, change of address or remove in the subject line and Shelby will take care of you. 


My intention is to not intrude but to add value to your world.


BTW – Do you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home?  If so, please give me a call and tell me about them.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to help them realize their real estate goals.


As always, I couldn’t be more thankful for the positive feedback, numerous referrals and repeat business that has blessed me over the years;      Thank You!


ND Graduation 2010 003.JPG

Tom Cryer, SCRP

Broker Associate – Realtor

The Kentwood Company

5690 DTC Blvd., #600W

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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