“Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Hands Upon the Wheel”

Realtors Make a Difference

As difficult as this market has been, the depressed prices, the fear, the uncertainty and the constant change, it is still fun being a Realtor.  First and foremost, Denver is a great place to live.  Next, the Denver market area has a fantastically diverse range of towns, communities and subdivisions offering everything from intense urban density to rural distant suburbs all within just a few minutes of each other.

Knowing this Denver Real Estate Market the way that I do, I giggle to myself frequently about the undertow of Realtor bias between urban, suburban and rural locations.  As an example, I can leave my house in the suburbs and be standing in front of “Spire”, a new high-rise right downtown in just about 20 minutes.  Homestead in the Willows is truly a hidden treasure. On the other hand, I can go 20 minutes in the other direction and be standing on 5-40 acres in Keene Ranch with views ranging from Longs Peak to the north past Mt. Evans in the middle all the way to Pikes Peak to the south.  By the way, I can garner that same view from the west side of Spire.  Like I said, it is truly a great place to live.

Second, the clients that come and go over the passing of time, offer up some of the purest opportunities for the observation of the human condition.  Extravagant, middle of the road and modest buyer’s and sellers in their own way, can participate in these same market areas.  Regardless of price, buyers and sellers all want the same results in this market.  They want a good value/price in a safe community.  The wave of these people over the course of time is very exciting.  Between egos, finances and external influences, the people side of the business is not to be missed.

Third, the “Art of the Deal” is a study in mosaic art.  Being a Realtor allows one the opportunity to assemble all the pieces one step at a time until the client whether it be buyer or seller is able to look at the pieces after closing and be completely satisfied with the the artwork.

Finally, the road to a successful transaction is littered with potholes.  Without appropriate help, it is very easy to bend a wheel, damage the car or even leave the road.  A Realtor’s assistance is a sure conduit to keeping your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!

Whether it be the locational benefits, the people factor or the strategy of the deal, being a Realtor in Denver is among the best careers in spite of the market we must work within.

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