The Social Home Finding Experience!

What do you know about social media? Want to buy a home? Do your parents live in Minneapolis, but you want to buy in Austin? And to top it off, your husband travels constantly!  Email, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, FourSquare, Google, YouTube, Flikr, Blogs and more may be part of your solution.

No big deal; Social Media was made for this! Bring family, friends and your Realtor together. Lean in on everyone. Make great decisions by committee! I’m not kidding, it’s all happening right now, today on “Main St. USA.

Documents are easily stored online in sharable files, video media, images and private blog pages can document everything.  If you really want to go out of on a limb check out something called Articulated Naturality Web.  ANW will allow internet users to post pictures that can be viewed by “smart phones” from the street, but with a significant twist. With the right camera, the images can be posted so they have a vertical dimension.  This is in addition to the standard flat GPS latitude and longitude.  This means when you hold your smart phone up to the property with the right application, photos of the interior of the house will pop up with there relative height within the structure revealed.  Amazing huh?

Hotels, museums, all kinds of commercial properties and more will be employing this technology as a guide, a source of information and a new paradigm of a reality. Literally looking into something will have a completely new meaning!

So Tom, are you saying the Virtual Home Purchase is here? Yes I am, but I’m also saying, it will never be a substitute for being present to look, touch and smell that new place to call home! Did I say never? Emeril has been working on Smell-o-vision for years. It could happen!  This video will really make you think about it, and maybe even tell a friend.  Enjoy!

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