What Made Easter 2011 A Great Day?

Caroline & Andrew Cryer Easter 2011

Caroline & Andrew Cryer Easter 2011

In deference to David Letterman, I am going to steal his “top ten” list idea one more time. So, what were the ten best things about my Easter Day that made it a Great Day?

  1. The weather stayed nice enough to enjoy the backyard.
  2. The family, friends and newcomers to the party.
  3. The fire pit in the backyard was a focal point of warmth and conversation.
  4. The Ham.
  5. William’s Brussels Sprout dish.
  6. Caroline’s Potato dish.
  7. Deirdre’s Russian Cream.
  8. The cold Guinness I had with Joe Hubert.
  9.  The youth and excitement of all the college kids coming and going.
  10. The Day Before Easter 2011

    The Day Before Easter 2011

    (Drum Roll) Last but not least, watching the family all pitch in and contribute to a great party and a great day!

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