The New Rubric’s Cube View…

Rubric's Cube

Rubric's Cube

We were all taught in Economics 101 about Supply & Demand.  I’m sorry, but that two dimensional image of our residential market will simply not work anymore.  The complexity of our markets is clearly too dramatic to speak, write or socialize in such simple terms.

You probably wondering what I mean.  Well take a look at this.  In the not to distant past a residential market could be viewed in two dimensions; Supply & Demand on one axis with two variables.

Today’s market’s have become much more complicated.  As an example:

  • Supply of Inventory
  • Demand or Absorption
Those are a given, but look where it goes from here with today’s more complicated market:

  • The Price of Fuel
  • Taxes
  • School Quality
  • Crime or Safety
  • Interest Rates
  • The Dow
  • Government Regulations
  • The Availability of Mortgage Money
  • The Availability of Credit
  • New Construction Competition
  • Access to Employment
  • Access to Recreation
  • Access to Transportation
  • Resale Potential
  • Builder Reputation
  • Proximity of Shopping
  • and more….
Rubric's Cube Completed

Rubric's Cube Completed

As you can see, this helix is not and easy one.  That’s the reason you should not leave your home search, home acquisition or home sale to chance.  Experience, integrity and knowledge count.  Together we may never be able to match all the sides on the Rubric’s Cube, but we can match to cubes that are important to you.  In today’s three dimensional world, that’s exciting!!

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