Wheeler Lake – Park County, Colorado – Land Rover Trail Trip (I Hiked It!)

Wheeler Lake Park County, Colorado

Wheeler Lake Park County, Colorado

I met Will early Friday morning for a trail run to Wheeler Lake.  I had driven by the turn off to Wheeler Lake many, many times, but for some reason drove right on by.  But, Friday was a new day, the trail to Wheeler Lake would be eye opening!

We all met up in Breckenridge, CO near the North Gondola and rolled south on CO-Hwy 9 a little after 8:00 AM.  Land Rovers, Land Rovers and more Land Rovers as far as the eye could see and the camera could catch, there were Land Rovers everywhere.  Each row of National Land Rover Rally participants were lined up for a different trail for the day.  Our row was lined up for Wheeler Lake.  Ten minutes out of town, just south of Breckenridge, Colorado located to the south east corner of Summit County, we turn west onto the access road leading to the Wheeler Lake Trail-head.

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

It was a beautiful day, blue skies, alpine meadows of wild flowers, creeks running full even into August and relics from a day gone bye, the mining days.  Seems like every trail in Colorado offers a history lesson, a life lesson, a geography lesson and/or a geology lesson.  Colorado truly is Colorful!

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a virtual tour is priceless.  Enjoy!

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