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Pete Szabo

My goal  is to provide  my clients with the information they need  to make the best decision possible about  the house they  are looking to buy. I place all deficiencies in   perspective  and  offer suggestions to correct the problem. I recommend to clients that they keep  their report and use it as a guide for maintaining their new home.










This Old House Website


The “This Old House” television program has been a hit with do it yourselfers for years. The “This Old House” website is a fountain of information too. One of this months articles is “Fix Now, Save (A Lot) Later”. The repairs in this article are well done and the repairs are needed by most of us at one time or another. I urge you to check out “This Old House” at


General Home Inspections


Trinity home inspections include a complete examination of the home’s structure, roof and foundation. The electric, plumbing, HVAC systems and appliances are operated and evaluated. Windows and doors are checked for operation and safety.
The temperature is taken and the humidity is measured in the attic and in sub-crawl spaces to determine the adequacy of ventilation. Flue pipes are checked for integrity and proper drafting.
The landscaping is inspected for adequate drainage and the proximity of trees to the structure. Concrete work is inspected for serviceability and safety.
Any deficiencies noted during the inspection will be recorded and rated. Recommendations will be made to repair or replace.
Radon testing is available and recommended.



EIFS/Stucco Inspections


More and more homes are being built with EIFS or Stucco exterior finish systems. It is a popular way to customize the exterior of a home or business.
While the materials and designs have improved tremendously in recent years the original installation needs to be inspected and maintained.

All Trinity Property Inspection reports are computer generated and include digital photography of issues and concerns.



Exterior Design Institute


The Exterior Design Institute is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of training and certifying Building Envelope and EIFS Inspectors and Moisture Analysts to promote quality control within the construction industry.


I have been certified since 2004. I have prepared a short briefing of key items to look for when listing a home with EIFS or Stucco. I would be happy to make this presentation at one of your office’s team meetings.

Trinity Property Inspection, Inc. is a locally owned inspection service offering Residential and Commercial Home Inspections, EIFS/Stucco inspections and Radon testing along the Colorado Front Range. Trinity Property Inspection performs prelisting and buyers home inspection services and new home acceptance inspections.


Contact Us:

Trinity Property Inspections, Inc.


Your one stop for Home Inspections and EIFS/Stucco Inspections


Peter Szabo, CMI
Business (720) 290-2718
Fax (303) 690-6661



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