Fall is not just for falling back!

FallFall is for:

  • Check your smoke detectors for battery life.
  • Make sure your CO detectors are within 15′ of those bedrooms doors, and make sure they test out on their batteries too.
  • Has your furnace been cleaned, serviced and safety checked in a while?
  • Time to pull in all those hoses and make sure they are disconnected from the hose bib.
  • Sprinkler systems = Winterization
  • When do you put your snow tires on?
  • Gutters clean and drain freely?
  • Remove debris from around the house where rodents nest for the winter.
  • One last mowing and get that winterization feed on the lawn.
  • Check your weatherstripping.
  • Check the battery life in your programmable thermostat.
  • Close off the drafts from that whole house fan.
  • Re-Program your outside lighting.
  • Make that snow shovel and snow blower easy to access.

I know it sounds like an insurmountable list, but winter takes no prisoners, but planning can move “Old Man Winter” down the street.

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