Home Ownership is a Blessing, and Your Credit Score Rules! Is the A Team on Your Side?

HomeownershipDo you know what your credit score is?  Well, don’t you hear that question on TV, Radio or from friends almost everyday?

The Loan Process is something you don’t need to fear.  It is a process you should look squarely in the eye.  Take it on with no self doubt.  Master your inner credit strength.

The link to the loan process above and below was kindly provided by Nancy Alexander.  Your loan officer is more than a guide through the process.  A good loan officer is your teammate; vested in your success every step of the way!  An now more than ever, a good loan officer wants to see you be successful after closing too.  And, that means, there is no need to be house poor to own a home.

  • So, that brings up the point of this post.
  • Is the A Team on your side.
  • Is your Realtor working for you or the transaction?
  • Is your inspector working for you or the transaction.
  • Is your loan officer working for you or the transaction?
  • Is your Title Company insuring a safe transaction?
  • And, I’m here to tell you, a myriad of other potential pitfalls lie just around the bend.

Assemble your team of experts one at a time.  Make sure your bench can handle Game Day!  I tell my first time buyers, you signed one document to get married, but you will sign or initial 50 pages to get a loan.  Home ownership is a commitment to not be taken lightly, but at the same time, it is something you will cherish if completed properly!

Make sure you are in good hands!

The Loan Process

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