#DenverMarketWatch 5/7/2018 #MondayMotivation @MyTownCryer

You probably thought last week was crazy, right?  “Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct.” – @BarbaraCorcoran

FOMOI’m going to change Barbara’s quote up just a bit this morning.  “This market doesn’t dare underestimate it’s power to prosper.”  My oh my, week after week, we continue to see the results of a vibrant Denver Residential Market throwing up numbers like we’ve never seen before.  It’s a good life!

Does this mean buyers are being left behind?  Yes it does.  Without proper preparation, a strategic goal and some perseverance, YES, buyers are being left behind.  Buyers must take the appropriate steps to become winners.  Making preparations while the waters are calm is critical in this market to success.

A.  Meeting with a lender, making an application and remaining loyal will serve you well as a buyer in this market.  Having a great “Cheerleader” in the form of your own lender, on the sidelines, can only help.  B.  Putting the time in to define one’s market area will put you “in the know”.  Timing, Timing, Timing!  C.  Finally, having an experienced Realtor with you “every step of the way” who knows what’s necessary to put this winning team on the field of play is critical.  Remember in the Art of War?  Having a battle plan and knowing one’s opponent increases ones odds of winning the deal.

SUPPLY VS. DEMAND 3-2018As you can see below, the Denver Market remains HOT!  Hop in, the water is warm.

New Listing (1805)  It is selling season!
Back On Market (281)
Price Increase (261)
Price Decrease (874)
Under Contract (1887)  We are close to hitting 2,000 here, maybe next week?
Withdrawn (153)
Leased (42)
Sold (1730)  The title companies are busy at the closing table!
Expired (363)

Don’t give up on this market, give us a call, take an hour, come site down with us; your dream is closer than you might think!

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