@MyTownCryer #MondayMarketUpdate 2-25-2019

rubyIt was a good week for Denver’s Residential Market in spite of the cold weather and snow.  Closings are ramping up and the under contract activity is showing great life.

Keep tuning in, and we’ll keep you posted every week.  For now, Denver is looking very healthy with job growth, new development and immigration!

New Listing (967)
Back On Market (171)
Price Increase (96)
Price Decrease (646)
Under Contract (1374)  Identical to last week.
Withdrawn (110)
Leased (46)
Sold (858)  Closings up by almost 15% week over week!
Expired (163)

As a quick comparison, here’s the week of 2/12/2019.

New Listing (980)  This is off a little because there was no increase this week.
Back On Market (165)
Price Increase (123)
Price Decrease (704)
Under Contract (1381)  This is a big number!  The buyers are coming out of hibernation!!!
Withdrawn (114)
Leased (37)
Sold (735)  Not a bad number, but looking for this to start keeping pace with UCs.
Expired (197)  This number is way down from previous weeks.  Sellers are staying in the game again.

We’re there for you every step of the way…tc


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