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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Spring TimeCan you imagine a nicer morning.  A Bluebird Sky, not even a puff of wind and green, green grass covering our town.  My favorite months in Denver have always been May and September.

Back to business!  Our Denver Market continues to run, run, run.  It has “legs”.  WE are watching a mature market continue to have multiple offers, more contracts than listings and a very healthy number of transactions closing week, after week, after week.  There is no question, we have some enclaves falling behind, but when compared to historical standards, still out performing previous business cycles.

I have to tell everyone, when I drive around the city, I do have concerns.  When I see so much growth, new construction and controversial movement of “dirt”, it does make me wonder.  Is our market strong enough to absorb it all?  Let’s revisit this in the weeks and months to come.  You will get both sides of the story here.

Below you will see, this week falls in line with weeks of the past for this 2019 spring season.  Plenty of new listings, but not too many.  Plenty of Under Contracts and a strong count of closings.  Across the board, the last week looks very strong.  Some are citing the favorable interest rates.  Some are citing are miraculous job growth throughout the Metro area.  No matter the reason, Denver is in a very good position right now, but we will keep you posted every week.

New Listing (1404) On par with weeks past.
Back On Market (292)
Price Increase (126)
Price Decrease (1157) Clearly, sellers have been getting greedy!
Under Contract (1677) I like this number.  Keep it coming!
Withdrawn (161)
Leased (54)
Sold (1205) Seasonally strong, but showing some signs of deals falling prior to closing!
Expired (179)

All in all, a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

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