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Good Morning Everyone!

Weather in ColoradoI really can’t say “Spring Has Sprung”!  With snow starting in the Foothills and running to major accumulation along the Continental Divide today, it is shaping up to be a rough one!

Anyhow, the Denver Residential Market by all appearances is not letting any of this stand in its way.  Week after week, we see contracts on top of contracts on top of contracts.  The numbers are quite solid.  Job growth, interest rates and rental rates are having their effect on buyers into the market.  The relative increase in supply is encouraging helping sellers into the market for that replacement home.  The result is an increase that “contingent on closing” transactions somewhere in the middle.  It’s a good life, and a very compliant market right now.  

Let’s take a look below at this weeks MLS numbers.

New Listing (1771)  This is getting sellers off the fence and into the market!
Back On Market (287)
Price Increase (112)
Price Decrease (1352)  This is a little disconcerting.  Over pricing is not the way to go!
Under Contract (1623)  Wow!  This is a great number.  Just we do this every week.  It would be a record breaking year!
Withdrawn (145)
Leased (53)
Sold (1333)  Annualized, this number breaks all records.  Spring has sprung!
Expired (182)

“And in the end”… As the Beatles would say, we have a healthy solid market with sellers coming to the plate, buyers in the dugout and Realtors in the field ready for everything from a ground ball to a linedrive.  “There is no crying in baseball.”

As always, Dee and I are here for you every step of the way.  Reply, bring, send your questions to us.  We are ready to field them.  TheCryerTeam@Kentwood.com

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