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Spring TimeAnyone can talk about the market, but few can give you the facts.  The facts are; “it is very tough to imagine a more active, strong and consistent market”.  Just look at the numbers from this week’s MLS Market Watch:

New Listing (1561) This is a great week for new listings.
Back On Market (305)
Price Increase (140)
Price Decrease (1466) We’ve been watching this.  Sellers came out too strong!  Now adjusting to the market.
Under Contract (1650) Wow!  This is a fantastic number showing market strength!
Withdrawn (181)
Leased (53)
Sold (1874) Unbelievable!  What a great week.  We are in full seasonal swing now!
Expired (349)

OK, I know, “It’s just a normal seasonal swing.”  But, Oh no!  So many at the beginning of the year have said this is going to me a “slow year”.  On the contrary, it appears that we will be catching up to last year very shortly.  With global uncertainty, crazy weather and a big swing in interest rates, we are on track to turn 2019 into something special.  

What does all this mean, well, I believe Denver is in contention for the Stanley Cup Finals with numbers like this!  Cheers!!!

As always, please do not hesitate to give a call, create a plan and participate in your future in a proactive manner.  “Failure to plan is a plan for failure.”

Safe Travels,

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